The GoGeo service, funded by Jisc, will end on 31 July 2016. If you have any queries regarding the change, please contact edina@ed.ac.uk


The online Geodoc Metadata Editor tool allows users to create, validate, edit, export and import geospatial metadata records. A Geodoc user can store saved metadata records in a private and secure directory accessible only to the user. The UK Access Management Federation provides the Shibboleth authentication service for users to log into Geodoc.

Geodoc supports the creation and export of geospatial metadata records as XML output files using the following metadata standards and profiles:

  • ISO 19115
  • FGDC
  • Dublin Core
  • UK AGMAP 2.1 (XML and PDF)
  • UK GEMINI 2.2
  • Data Documentation Initiative (DDI)
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Geodoc users can also submit their metadata records for quality review and publication on the GoGeo portal. The GoGeo portal offers Geodoc users the option of publishing their records to open or private group metadata catalogues. A GoGeo private catalogue can be created to hold metadata records for an academic institution, department or research group. Login details are provided to those who have authorisation to access their group's private GoGeo metadata catalogue.

Both Geodoc and the GoGeo private group metadata catalogues can be very useful resources for researchers to manage spatial data information. The ultimate survival kit for your spatial data is a document written to introduce these Geodoc and GoGeo functions to researchers interested in creating metadata, but choosing to share these records with trusted colleagues rather than publishing them on the GoGeo portal's open metadata catalogues.

The Geodoc Editor offers users the simplicity and functionality to create discovery and descriptive level metadata records. A discovery level metadata record can take only 10 to 15 minutes to complete, the same amount of time required to watch these four videos, which illustrate how Geodoc is used to create a metadata record that describes a raster dataset.

The ultimate survival kit for your spatial data Geodoc User Map
Geodoc Survival Kit Geodoc User Map
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