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OS Technical Specialist - Corporate Data Management and Assurance


OS Technical Specialist - Corporate Data Management and Assurance The Ordnance Survey are looking to recruit a Technical Specialist as part of their Corporate Data Management and Assurance Team. If you have a keen interest in data management, good skills in at least one GIS software package and the ability to manage your time effectively to meet deadlines, consider a move to Ordnance Survey.

As Great Britain's national mapping authority, we don’t just create maps. We use cutting edge technology to collect, maintain and distribute the most accurate and up-to-date geographic information that government, business and the public alike rely on. And, right now, we’re looking for a Technical Specialist – Data Management and Assurance, to help us continue to build upon our proud heritage as a World Class supplier of geographic information.

Your focus here will be on providing specialist support to production and processes to ensure the delivery. That means, day-to-day, you’ll run pre-existing test scripts, or help to develop new ones, for various products. This may involve using GIS software e.g. ArcGIS/ MapInfo/ StruMap, or querying Oracle/Netezza databases using SQL.

A great chance to develop your technical knowledge and help influence our product specifications, you’ll need good knowledge of SQL and/or PL/SQL and/or Python. We’ll also be looking for a basic understanding of data test principles and procedures. A confident communicator and decision maker, you enjoy collaborating with and partnering others as part of a team. And, of course, you believe in providing a quality service at all times. In return, you’ll receive full training and support and can expect to develop your career by building relationships with other teams within our Products and Innovation Group.

Essential Skills:

  • Good skills in at least one GIS software package.
  • Good knowledge of one of these - SQL, PL/SQL, Python
  • Basic knowledge of data test principles and procedures

Salary: £22,216 - £26,487 plus excellent benefits
Closing Date: 9 April 2014

Date March 31, 2014

New version released: Remote Sensing with IDRISI: A Beginner's Guide


New version released: Remote Sensing with IDRISI: A Beginner Clark Labs have announced the recent publication of a new version of Remote Sensing with IDRISI: A Beginner's Guide, authored by Timothy Warner and David J. Campagna and updated for IDRISI Selva.

The text is ideal for students and professionals seeking a hands-on, guided exploration of the fundamental issues in remote sensing and image processing, using the techniques and approaches within the IDRISI software. An overview and methodology discussion is also provided for each of the topic areas.

The text introduces the reader to the display and basic processing procedures for enhancement, analysis and classification of satellite imagery, and trains the user in how to accomplish these tasks within the IDRISI environment. It also includes sample data from a number of locations around the globe, covering a variety of natural and human-modified environments.

The new text is currently available from Geocarto International Centre and Clark Labs.

Date March 28, 2014
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OS Locate app launched

Mobile UK Mapping Services Raw Data

OS Locate app launched The Ordnance Survey have just launched an app that replicates the function of a compass. OK, so there are loads of apps out there that will give you your position and display a compass. Why should i download this one?

Well, this one is very tactile which is important to many users. It is easy to use and looks very clean. A neat feature is the rotating bezel which allows you to replicate taking a bearing just as you would with a good old Silva compass. Another neat function is that the app ties into the OS MapStore allowing you to have a 1:50k or 1:25k map below the compass. This again replicates what you would do with a paper map and compass.

Top marks OS, well perhaps when you offer the app for Android as well (i am sure this is in the pipeline).

Note: the app is good, but if you are heading into the hills take a paper map and compass. Tech is no substitute.

Date March 28, 2014

FOSS4G 2014 Keynote speaker announced

GIS World

FOSS4G 2014 Keynote speaker announced The FOSS4G 2014 team are pleased to announce that Mike Bostock will be featured as the opening keynote speaker for FOSS4G 2014.

Bostock designs interactive graphics for The New York Times. He is also
the author of D3.js , a popular open-source library for visualizing data using web standards, and TopoJSON , an extension to GeoJSON that encodes topology.

D3.js is one of the most exciting visualization technologies to appear
recently, and we're very excited to have Mike at FOSS4G. You can see
some of his work at his website and besure to check out his numerous elegant D3.js examples at

Date March 28, 2014

Harm de Blij (1935-2014)

Harm de Blij passed away early this week. He was a tireless advocate for geography and geography education.

De Blij was born in the Netherlands and according to Michigan State University’s Department of Geography he obtained his geography education all over the world. His early education took place in Europe, while his undergraduate education was completed in Africa and his Ph.D. work was done in the United States at Northwestern University. He also has honorary degrees at several American universities for his work. Throughout his career De Blij has published over 30 books and more than 100 articles.

Of his more than 30 book publications, De Blij is most well known for his books Geography: Realms, Regions and Concepts and Why Geography Matters.

Date March 27, 2014

Senior Lecturer/Lecturer in Geomatics

Research GIS RS UK

Senior Lecturer/Lecturer in Geomatics The University of Glasgow is looking to appoint a Senior Lecturer / Lecturer of Geomatics to join it's School of Geographical and Earth Sciences. The role would be to deliver internationally excellent research and teaching, primarily in Geomatics MSc programmes and across Geographical & Earth Sciences undergraduate and post-graduate degrees and to undertake administration as assigned by the Head of School.

The School has two large undergraduate programmes: Geography and Earth Sciences. Research in the School of Geographical & Earth Science (GES) is organised into two research groups: Human Geography (HGRG) and Earth Systems (ESRG). Geomatics research sits within ESRG and includes Environmental Geomatics, GIS and Environmental Monitoring.

Salary: Grade: 7/8/9; £32,590 - £36,661 / £40,046 - £46,400 / £47,787- £53,765 per annum.
Closing date: 16 April 2014

Date March 27, 2014

PhD Studentship in Geomatics - Newcastle

UK RS GIS Research

PhD Studentship in Geomatics - Newcastle School of Civil Engineering and Geosciencs – Geomatics at the University of Newcastle has a couple of PhD Studentships available, both of which focus on Remote Sensing.

Radar Interferometry for Monitoring Natural and Anthropogenic Hazards
Closing Date: 21st April 2014
The studentship will be conducted at Newcastle University. Utilising the phase differences in complex (magnitude and phase) Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) images acquired in similar geometric conditions at two different epochs, Interferometric SAR (InSAR) can be used to map changes in the Earth’s surface from space with millimetre precision over a wide region. With its global coverage and all-weather imaging capability, InSAR is revolutionizing our ability to image the Earth’s surface and the evolution of its shape over time. In turn, this has led to many new insights into natural and anthropogenic processes, including earthquakes, volcanoes, landslides and mining activities.

Digital Photogrammetric Techniques in Aid of UAV Trajectory Determination
Closing Date: 30th May 2014
UAVs provide an excellent platform for the acquisition of geospatial data especially in response to time-critical events. The georeferencing of the data is a very important stage and it relies on knowledge of the UAV’s trajectory.

This project will exploit the acquired imagery in support of trajectory determination of the UAV, specifically to deal with cases where GNSS outages are frequent and/or long. The research will investigate the use of Structure from Motion and dense image matching techniques with the aim of determining and/or improving the trajectory without the use of ground control points.

Details of both studentships and instructions on how to apply can be found through the link below.

Date March 27, 2014

Lecturer/Senior Lecturer in Geography - Liverpool John Moores

Research GIS UK

Lecturer/Senior Lecturer in Geography - Liverpool John Moores The School of Natural Sciences and Psychology at Liverpool John Moores University seeks to appoint a Lecturer / Senior Lecturer with demonstrated research potential to contribute to our successful undergraduate programme in Geography. We are seeking to consolidate and expand our physical geography provision in any of the following areas: coastal and fluvial sciences and management; glaciers and glaciation. Preference will be given to candidates with expertise in these fields, particularly those using GIS. The ability to contribute to the teaching of quantitative and qualitative research methods in Geography would be an advantage. This appointment is part of a strategic investment in the research and teaching of Geography at LJMU.

Date March 27, 2014

GeoTools 11.0 released

GIS Open Source Free

GeoTools 11.0 released The GeoTools community is delighted to bring you the latest version of GeoTools. GeoTools 11.0 is the first release on the new elease schedule, with version 11.1 due in May.

GeoTools 11.0 updates include:

  • The DataStore API has a new removeSchema method to drop feature types
  • JDBCDataStore now exposes facilities to list, create and destroy indexes on database columns
  • Ability to create and drop databases from the PostgisNGFactory
  • PostGIS data store will now call ST_Simplify when the GEOMETRY_SIMPLIFICATION hint is provided
  • ImageMosaic can now manage vector footprints for its granules

For more details, please visit the GeoTools website.

Date March 27, 2014

Mapping changes in London using OS Opendata

Research GIS UK

Mapping changes in London using OS Opendata London is a dynamic city where old buildings are being removed and replaced with new structures. Oliver O'Brien has used OS Open Data, specifically VectorMap District, to map these changes. VectorMap District data is updated roughly every 6 months and Oliver has been able to chart changes across London between April 2012 to March 2014. His London-wide map reveals pockets of development, most notably around the Olympic Park, but there are certainly other clusters in less obvious locations.

The article is worth a read if you are interested in urban change and as the data is freely available. You could repeat the study in different city and if you are a Digimap user, then getting "old" data is really quite easy through the Data Download interface. Just hit "Change" when you have added the data to your basket.

Date March 25, 2014
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