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Bankrupt Britain

Bankrupt Britain Bankrupt Britain is a unique atlas giving a comprehensive picture of the effect of the recession on Britain. In detailed colour maps, it shows how economic, social and environmental fortunes have been affected in different areas in the wake of the 2007 banking crisis, 2008 economic crash and 2009 credit crunch. It is essential reading for a broad audience with detailed local level data and a national snap-shot of Britain during this time.

Daniel Dorling is Professor of Human Geography at the University of Sheffield. His recent books include Injustice: Why social inequality persists and So you think you know about Britain?. He is a member of the World Health Organization's Scientific Resource Group on Health Equity Analysis and Research.Bethan Thomas is a Research Fellow in the Department of Geography at the University of Sheffield. She has researched extensively on inequalities in Britain. Her publications include Identity in Britain and The Grim Reaper's Road Map.

Danny Dorling and Bethan Thomas
2011-05-23, The Policy Press

Basics of Geomatics

Hard Copy Over 50 GBP

Basics of Geomatics This collection focuses on recent advances in laboratory and field testing of unsaturated soils. Leading researchers from fourteen countries to represent global research in the area of experimental unsaturated soil mechanics have been invited to contribute to this book. Twelve reports are presented dealing with measurement and control of suction and water content, mechanical, hydraulic, and geo-environmental testing, microstructure investigation, and applications of unsaturated soil monitoring to engineering behaviour of geo-structures.

The main motivation behind this volume is the rapid growth of experimental unsaturated soil mechanics over the last couple of decades. Several innovative laboratory and field techniques have been introduced in mechanical, hydraulic, and geo-environmental testing. However, this information is widely dispersed in journals and conference proceedings and researchers and engineers beginning to work in the field of unsaturated soil mechanics may find it difficult to identify suitable equipment and instrumentation for research or professional purposes. This volume aims at providing scientists and practitioners with a comprehensive overview of experimental unsaturated soil mechanics.

Audience: Geoscientists, geographers, engineers, architects, computer scientists, urban planners, specialists in GIS, remote sensing, forestry, agricultural science, soil science geometry, environmental scientists and managers.

Mario A. Gomarasca
2009-06-15, Springer

Bayesian Disease Mapping

Under 50 GBP

Bayesian Disease Mapping - Provides an overview of Bayesian modeling and computation for disease mapping
- Covers disease map reconstruction, disease cluster detection, multi-scale disease mapping, and more
- Presents detailed case studies
- Implements examples using R and WinBUGS

In line with the recent growth of Bayesian methods applied to the modeling of geo-referenced health data, Bayesian Disease Mapping presents a practical overview of Bayesian modeling and computation in disease mapping. It covers various application areas, including disease map reconstruction, disease cluster detection, multi-scale disease mapping, spatio-temporal models, spatial survival analysis, spatial longitudinal analysis, and latent structure models. The book features a wide range of detailed case studies to illustrate how the methods can be applied. The author implements all examples using R and WinBUGS and provides additional code and datasets available for download on the web.

Andrew B. Lawson
2008-08-05, Taylor & Francis

Beginning Databases with PostgreSQL: From Novice to Professional

Hard Copy Under 50 GBP Programming GIS Learning Resource

Beginning Databases with PostgreSQL: From Novice to Professional PostgreSQL is one of the world’s most popular Open Source relational database systems. It is renowned for its wide range of capabilities, and its ability to perform functions not available in other databases. The forthcoming release of PostgreSQL 8.0 in late 2004/early 2005 will include major revisions, such as Win32 Native Support, and this book will provide the tools for anyone making the transition or learning about PostgreSQL for the first time.

This book introduces readers to many of the most prominent features, simultaneously introducing key relational database design and management principles that will help the novice reader effectively manage their data-driven application.

Over 150 pages of coverage is devoted to the most popular PostgreSQL APIs, including PHP, Perl, Java and C. Users of all levels will appreciate the 50 pages of condensed reference material covering PostgreSQL data types, syntax, the psql client, and large object support.

Cost: £35

Neil Mathew Richard Stones
2005-04-01, Apress

Big Data Analytics with R and Hadoop

Hard Copy Under 50 GBP GIS Learning Resource

Big Data Analytics with R and Hadoop

  • Write Hadoop MapReduce within R
  • Learn data analytics with R and the Hadoop platform
  • Handle HDFS data within R
  • Understand Hadoop streaming with R
  • Encode and enrich datasets into R

Big data analytics is the process of examining large amounts of data of a variety of types to uncover hidden patterns, unknown correlations, and other useful information. Such information can provide competitive advantages over rival organizations and result in business benefits, such as more effective marketing and increased revenue. New methods of working with big data, such as Hadoop and MapReduce, offer alternatives to traditional data warehousing.

Big Data Analytics with R and Hadoop is focused on the techniques of integrating R and Hadoop by various tools such as RHIPE and RHadoop. A powerful data analytics engine can be built, which can process analytics algorithms over a large scale dataset in a scalable manner. This can be implemented through data analytics operations of R, MapReduce, and HDFS of Hadoop.

You will start with the installation and configuration of R and Hadoop. Next, you will discover information on various practical data analytics examples with R and Hadoop. Finally, you will learn how to import/export from various data sources to R. Big Data Analytics with R and Hadoop will also give you an easy understanding of the R and Hadoop connectors RHIPE, RHadoop, and Hadoop streaming.

Cost: £31 (Print) £16 (eBook)

Vignesh Prajapati
2014-11-01, PACKT

Business Site Selection, Location Analysis and GIS

Hard Copy Over 50 GBP

Business Site Selection, Location Analysis and GIS All organizations businesses, government agencies, and even individuals face location and relocation decisions: where to open a new store, where to build a new factory, where to locate a new transportation hub? Written by two of the leading researchers in the field, here is the first book to cover the convergent use of GIS for Location Science analysis. The book's integrated approach enables analysts to look beyond theoretical location constructs to focus on the resolution of actual siting problems, producing better data and model representations, developing better solution approaches, and providing better visualization of location alternatives than otherwise possible.

Richard L. Church and Alan T. Murray
2008-11-01, Wiley

Calculating Risks?: The Spatial and Political Dimensions of Hazardous Waste Policy

Under 50 GBP Hard Copy

Calculating Risks?:  The Spatial and Political Dimensions of Hazardous Waste Policy Hazardous wastes often head the public's list of environmental concerns. Exaggerated estimates of cancer epidemics arising from waste sites generate a sense of alarm, but little is known about the real extent of the health threats. In this book James T. Hamilton and W. Kip Viscusi present the first comprehensive analysis of the magnitude of hazardous waste risks and of the efficacy of the Environmental Protection Agency's Superfund program.

By matching agency decision data to detailed census information using geographic information systems (GIS) technology, the authors show that most hazardous waste sites do not pose sufficient risk to merit the most stringent cleanup options. Those sites that do pose considerable risk to exposed populations often receive inadequate attention, because government decisions to target cleanups are based more on political factors than on actual risks. The authors propose policy reforms that could significantly reduce cleanup costs without sacrificing the protection of human health. Beyond its analysis of a particular risk policy, the book serves as a general model for comprehensive risk analysis.

James T. Hamilton and W. Kip Viscusi
1999-09-01, The MIT Press

Climate Change and Terrestrial Carbon Sequestration in Central Asia

Over 50 GBP Hard Copy

Climate Change and Terrestrial Carbon Sequestration in Central Asia This book brings together current knowledge of terrestrial C sequestration in Central Asia. The themes treated include: biophysical environments, water resources, sustainable agriculture, soil degradation, the effects of irrigation schemes on secondary salinization, soil management and its relationship to carbon dynamics; the relationship between forest management and carbon dynamics, economic analyses of land use practices, important methodological issues arising from the use of GIS, remote sensing, carbon budgeting and scaling, and a review of the knowledge gaps in carbon and climate change. The book is a reference source for soil, water, vegetation, climate, land use and management in the region. The book will be of interest to a wide variety of environmental scientists, economists and those interested in policy issues for the sustainable management of natural resources.

Rattan Lal, M. Suleimenov, B.A. Stewart, D.O. Hansen and Paul Doraiswamy (Editors)
2007-08-02, Taylor & Francis

Coastal and Marine Geo-Information Systems: Applying the Technology to the Environment

Over 50 GBP Hard Copy

Coastal and Marine Geo-Information Systems:  Applying the Technology to the Environment his volume comprises a collection of 40 chapters by experts dealing with the application of Geographical Information Systems (GIS), remote sensing, cartography, visualisation and Global Positioning Systems (GPS) to coastal and marine environments around the world. Aimed primarily at the practising marine and coastal zone manager, it provides an up-to-date examination of the application of geo-information and spatial technologies to a wide range of topics such as fisheries, coastal geomorphology, the use of remotely sensed imagery, coastal vegetation mapping, coastal pollution, landscape ecology, and decision support systems (DSS).

David R. Green and Stephen D. King, (Editors)
2003-04-01, Springer

Complexity and Planning Systems, Assemblages and Simulations

GIS Over 50 GBP Hard Copy

Complexity and Planning Systems, Assemblages and Simulations Complexity, complex systems and complexity theories are becoming increasingly important within a variety disciplines. While these issues are less well known within the discipline of spatial planning, there has been a recent growing awareness and interest.

As planners grapple with how to consider the vagaries of the real world when putting together proposals for future development, they question how complexity, complex systems and complexity theories might prove useful with regard to spatial planning and the physical environment.

This book provides a readable overview, presenting and relating a range of understandings and characteristics of complexity and complex systems as they are relevant to planning. It recognizes multiple, relational approaches of dynamic complexity which enhance understandings of, and facilitate working with, contingencies of place, time and the various participants' behaviours. In doing so, it should contribute to a better understanding of processes with regard to our physical and social worlds.

Cost: £65

Gert De Roo, Jean Hillier, Joris Van Wezemael
2012-07-01, Ashgate
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