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Lecturer and 4 Researchers - CASA

Programming RS GIS Research

Lecturer and 4 Researchers - CASA CASA are looking to recruit a Lecturer in Smart Cities and 4 researchers. The 4 research positions are split with two Research Assistant posts on the Consumer Centred-Contextualised Approach to Retail Innovation (CAPRI) project and two Research Associate posts on the Morphology, Energy and Climate Change in the City (MECHANICITY) project.

The CAPRI and MECHANICITY projects are both funded by the Economic and Social Research Council.

Closing Dates

  • Lecturer in Smart Cities - Closing date 6th June 2014
  • Research Assistant CAPRI project: Mobile Application Developer Closing date 16th June 2014
  • Research Assistant CAPRI project: Research Analyst - Closing date 16th June 2014
  • Research Associate MECHANICITY project x2 - Closing date 27th June 2014

Further details are available for all the post through the link below.

Date June 4, 2014

MRes/PhD Studentship at CASA

UK Programming RS GIS Research

MRes/PhD Studentship at CASA Applicants are invited to apply for a fully funded studentship at CASA, consisting of one year MRes and three years PhD. The studentship will be funded by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) and will start in September 2014.

The successful candidate will complete either of CASA's Masters of Research in Smart Cities or the Masters of Research in Advanced Spatial Analysis and Visualisation (ASAV) in the first year. During the MRes year the successful applicant will formulate a research proposal centred around Agent-based Modelling and Urban Systems and apply for a PhD place at CASA. Both these MRes courses are designed to act as a pathway to a PhD.

CASA are looking for an outstanding candidate who will already have obtained a Bachelor’s degree at either a first or upper second level in an appropriate subject such as Geography, GIS, Urban Planning, Architecture, Computer Science, Civil Engineering, Economics or a field related to the Built Environment, though other subjects will be considered if the candidate can demonstrate a keen interest in their personal statement.

The closing date for applications is 27th June 2014.

Date June 4, 2014

Environment Agency commit to support Open Data

UK GIS Raw Data

Environment Agency commit to support Open Data The Environment Agency (EA), the government body in charge of monitoring and protecting the environment in England and Wales, has announced that it will continue to support Open Data. The EA plans to release more of it's data as Open Data.

Part of this process is to set up focus groups to discuss which data would be most beneficial to the community. This group will be made up of external parties with an interest in the EA's data, current data customers and those with an Open Data background, along with input from Defra and EA. If you are interested in joining this group please send an email to: OpenData@environment-agency.gov.uk

The Environment Agency have already made the following data Open:

  • Flood Alert Areas
  • Flood Warning Areas
  • Flood Warnings (Live Feed)
  • Real-time and Near Real-time River Levels (Live Feed)
  • Real-time and Near Real-time Air Temperature (Live feed)
  • 3 day Flood Forecast (Live Feed)
  • Water Framework Directive (WFD) River Waterbodies
  • Water Framework Directive (WFD) Groundwater Classification Status and Objectives
  • Water Framework Directive (WFD) Measures

Date June 4, 2014

Doug Nebert (USGS/FGDC) dies in a private plane crash in Oregon

There are few details available about this tragic plane crash; a four year old girl also lost her life and another passenger was injured and taken to hospital.

In his letter to OGC members, Mark Reichardt, the President and CEO of the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC), best summarises Doug Nebert's contributions to the OGC, the FGDC and to the international spatial data community.

Dear OGC Members,

We lost a member of our OGC family over this past weekend. Doug Nebert died in a private plane crash in Oregon last weekend. Our hearts go out to Doug’s family at this time of terrible tragedy.

Involved actively in the OGC from the beginning, Doug was a familiar face, a brilliant mind, and a gracious individual. Doug chaired several working groups, contributed to countless OGC documents, and worked tirelessly to advance the vital components of Spatial Data Infrastructure at all levels of government, not only in the USA on behalf of the US Federal Geographic Data Committee, but around the world. He was a recognized expert on all things geospatial, and was well known for his expertise in metadata and catalogs. Doug was also a member of a small group of insightful OGC members who in the late 1990’s helped establish what has become today’s OGC Interoperability Program.

In 2005, Doug received OGC’s highest award, the Kenneth D. Gardels Award for his significant personal and professional contributions to advancing the OGC community, and for his leadership in advancing geospatial interoperability and open standards globally.

Most importantly, Doug was known as a dear friend and cherished member of the OGC family. He will be sorely missed

There is only this news story (link below) about the accident and assume more information will be released as National Transportation Safety Board and Federal Aviation Administration investigate.

Date June 3, 2014

Informatics of Images - PhD Greenwich

Mobile UK Programming GIS Research

Informatics of Images - PhD Greenwich The Greenwich GIS Group, part of the Faculty of Architecture, Computing and Humanities at the University of Greenwich are looking for a PhD student to join their group. The student would be investigating the Informatics of Images and images can convey information to computers which is not discernible by humans.

The research would be supervised by Professor Mike Worboys and it is certainly and interesting field of research given the explosion of use of mobile devices in the past few years. Scanning images to pass detailed information to users devices has already seen considerable work, this research post seeks to push the technology further. Potential students should have a good first degree in a science-relate subject. An interest in GIS/digital mapping would be relevant but not essential.

Stipend: £13863
Closing Date: 4th July 2014

Date June 3, 2014

Postdoc RA in Quantitative Health Geography

Research GIS UK

Postdoc RA in Quantitative Health Geography The School of Geographical Sciences, University of Bristol, is looking to appoint a person with a proven research profile to join its spatial modelling research group for a period of 24 months. The appointed individual will serve as the post doc on the EU HEALS project . Applicants should be familiar with the existing work of the spatial modelling group at Bristol and have a clear idea about how their own research portfolio can contribute to it. Opportunities to extend the interests of the group into new but relevant areas of social scientific enquiry will be particularly welcomed.

Salary: £30,728 to £34,565
Term: 24 months
Closes: 26th June 2014

Date June 2, 2014

Postdoc RA / Programmer - GIS - Liverpool

UK Programming GIS Research

Postdoc RA / Programmer - GIS - Liverpool As part of a major investment in the acquisition, management and analysis of Big Data, the Economic and Social Research Council is investing c £6 million over five years in the Retail Business Datasafe (RBDS), based at University College London (UCL) and in partnership with the University of Liverpool and the University of Oxford. In addition to a freestanding programme of research into the retail sector, the RBDS will also work in partnership with the University of Leeds to create the Consumer Data Research Centre (CDRC), which will create, supply, maintain and deliver consumer-related Big Data to a range of end users, and will also conduct outreach activities. Applicants are invited to provide data science / programming support at the University of Liverpool node of the RBDS; which is managed by Dr Alex Singleton.

This role will provide programming support to the programme of service delivery and research. The vast majority of application development will be online, so we would be especially interested in hearing from individuals with web development experience. Furthermore, we will be developing a number of web mapping applications, and experience of developing interfaces to spatial data within online environments would be highly desirable.

You will be joining a large team of PhD and other researchers at the University of Liverpool and will be expected to interact with the other researchers within the RBDS/CDRC at UCL and the University of Oxford. The post is available until 13 February 2019

Salary: £31,644 - £36,661 pa
Closing date: Fri, 06 Jun 2014 17:00:00 BST

Date May 29, 2014

Scottish Wildlife Trust need a GIS volunteer


Scottish Wildlife Trust need a GIS volunteer Finishing your degree or masters and not got a job yet? Know how to use a GIS? Well you could gain some useful experience and help a worthwhile charity at the same time. The Scottish Wildlife Trust are looking for a volunteer and GIS is listed as a desirable skill.

The post is to assist the Trust in maintaining land registrations and information regarding wayleaves on reserves. Support the data team in other administrative and data maintenance tasks. An opportunity to gain experience in the office side of land management and the wealth of data it involves.

Basic training in GIS and data management will be provided with opportunities for further development of these skills. Opportunities to gain knowledge in different aspects of a conservation organisation. However, if you have GIS skills already you could hit the ground running and make an important contribution.

How much time? 6-14 hours (1-2 days) per week (flexible)
When: mid-June til September
Closing date: Sunday 1st June, 10pm

Date May 27, 2014

Special Issue on Big Geo-Referenced Data

Research GIS RS World

Special Issue on Big Geo-Referenced Data Fancy contributing to a special edition journal on the subject of Big Geo-referenced Data? We are witnessing rapid increases in the deployment of mobile computing, wireless communication, and a variety of sensing devices that capture the movements of mobile objects. For example, wireless connectivity and bandwidth are improving, and smartphone users are proliferating. As a result, an increasingly capable infrastructure is becoming available that is able to collect very large volumes of geo-referenced data, to transmit such data as needed for use at computing platforms, and to fuel novel and value-creating applications and services.

This special issue aims to publish articles that, broadly construed, present advances in the data management foundations capable of creating value from big geo-referenced data. Such articles may present systems as well as techniques that address specific challenges, such as the availability of large data volumes, high data arrival rates, and low-latency requirements; and they may present proposals for new functionality that enables new applications and services that in turn create value from big-geo-referenced data.

For submission guidelines, please follow the link below.

Submission Deadline: July 15, 2014

Date May 27, 2014

OS Locate now available for Android

Free GIS UK Mobile

OS Locate now available for Android The Ordnance Survey has now released it's OS Locate app for Android devices. OS Locate is a fast and highly accurate means of pinpointing your exact location on the map, anywhere in Great Britain. If you have lost your bearings or simply would like a little reassurance, OS Locate is the ideal companion for all enthusiasts of the great outdoors.

OS Locate is easy to use and looks very clean. A neat feature is the rotating bezel which allows you to replicate taking a bearing just as you would with a good old Silva compass. Another neat function is that the app ties into the OS MapStore allowing you to have a 1:50k or 1:25k map below the compass. This again replicates what you would do with a paper map and compass.

You can download the app vi a the links below:

Date May 27, 2014
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