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BCS - Map Curators Group Workshop 2014


BCS - Map Curators Group Workshop 2014 Join the Map Curators' Group at the University of Birmingham to meet, share and learn with map colleagues from around the world. The Map Curators’ Group training day and two day workshop features presentations, talks and break-out sessions to help you tame your feral maps.

TRAINING DAY - 9 September 2014 : "Feral Maps and How to Tame Them"
Do you know any feral maps—those that were once part of a proper collection but which have now gone wild due to lack of resource? Have you been asked to “look after the map collection” and need some guidance? The Map Curators’ Group is here to help with another of its popular and productive training events!

WORKSHOP - 10-11 September 2014 : "Hands across the Map: Co-operation and Partnership in Map Collections"
This event follows the now traditional format of speakers on 10th September followed by visits on 11th. See below for more details.

For more details and to book, please follow the link below.

Date July 2, 2014

OS Senior Consultant - Cartography

GIS Mapping Services UK

OS Senior Consultant - Cartography Ordnance Survey are looking to recruit a Senior Cartographer. You will lead on technical development and research projects which test emerging technologies and enable Cartography to take advantage of appropriate technical advances. Maintaining & developing your own technical skills, you will also provide technical leadership for the Carto Developer team to enhance technical capabilities, to provide creative, flexible and cost effective solutions. Contributing to the technical strategy formulation & design and support the implementation of solutions to enhance Cartography's delivery capability. You will provide expertise both internally and externally to OS on GI and other tools that enable improved automation and quality of cartographic processes. You will be an ‘ambassador’ for technical development in Cartographic processes when sharing information both within OS and externally. Developing the Carto Developers in the team so that they have the necessary skills to deliver the required improvements

You will need to demonstrate your track record against the following essential criteria and competencies:

  • Advanced GIS toolset knowledge – Arc Map/ArcServer/Model Builder
  • Coding and software development – ideally knowledge of Python, FME, ESRI workflow manager
  • IT knowledge – knowledge of databases & data models
    Influencing and implementing technical improvements in a GI environment

Salary: £32,173.00 - 39,509.00, plus excellent benefits
Closing Date: 15 July 2014

Date July 2, 2014

OS Surveyor - North West London


OS Surveyor - North West London Ordnance Survey are looking to recruit a Surveyor to join their team. The available position would be based in North West London. In the role of Surveyor, you will use a range of methods and technologies (including positioning via Global Navigational Satellite Systems) to capture changes to the built environment, and amend the data layers in our National Geospatial Database using Geographic Information Systems.

As a resilient and self motivated individual, you will enjoy working independently, at home or outdoors in all weathers, as part of a geographically dispersed team. Effective communication skills are essential both for connecting with your colleagues and for engaging with the general public and organisations as you collect geographic data.

Great organisational skills are a must to help you effectively schedule your daily workload and minimise travelling time. Good spatial awareness and the ability to work to agreed specifications are essential to ensure delivery against our business plan. along with being computer savvy to deal with the day to day technical issues you may encounter when working remotely. Your commitment to continually develop your own skills and knowledge will be supported by our commitment to deliver on the job training and to achieve AssocRICS status if you don’t already have it.


  • Hold a Land Surveying degree (or similar qualification), or equivalent experience in the geomatics/geospatial information
  • industry, specifically in the field of data collection and mapping
    IT skills and knowledge including Geographical Information Systems
  • Communication skills: both written & oral
  • Committed and able to learn quickly and sometimes independently
  • Spatial awareness - which will be tested for as part of the assessment

Salary: £22,216.00 - 26,487.00, plus London allowance £4,160, company car and excellent benefits
Closing date: 10 July 2014

Date July 2, 2014

The Esri UK Great British Map Challenge

The Esri UK Great British Map Challenge Esri UK has announced a new contest to find Britain's best story map. The winning entries will win one of five top prizes and feature on Esri UK's new story map gallery which will launch in the autumn.

Story maps combine interactive maps and multimedia content to create a unique user experiences. Since the launch of ArcGIS Online, hundreds of organisations have used Esri’s mapping tools to tell their stories and some of the best examples can be found in Esri's Story Map Gallery.

Esri UK is encouraging potential story mappers to look at the ‘Great British Summer’ for inspiration. From major sporting events to music festivals, seaside holidays to picnics in city parks, there are many great British summer experiences that can be shared on a story map. Alternatively, entrants can submit story maps they have made previously.


There will be five prizes in total:

Grand prize/overall winner: A £500 Amazon voucher and your cartography book of choice from the Esri Book Store.

Second prize winner: A £250 Amazon voucher and your cartography book of choice from the Esri Book Store.

Third prize winner: A £100 Amazon voucher and your cartography book of choice from the Esri Book Store.

Runners-up prizes: Two runners-up will each receive a £50 Amazon Store voucher and their cartography book of choice from the Esri Book Store.

The competition is now open and closes on 22 September 2014. The winning story maps will be announced in October and featured on Esri UK’s new story map gallery.

Date July 1, 2014

International Workshop in Spatial Data and Map Quality


International Workshop in Spatial Data and Map Quality A number of international groups and organisations actively involved in spatial data and map quality issues are organising a two-day international workshop aimed at providing innovative and original contribution to the ongoing debate on spatial data and map quality issues and at improving the process of knowledge transfer by means of the development of new techniques and methods for quality assessment of spatial data sets and the maps produced.

The two-day event will include an update on the data quality validation service being delivered by the ELF project. Participants will also investigate the need for the further development and application of the metadata and quality standards created by ISO TC 211.

The organisers invite submissions for an oral presentation, poster, or software demonstration. Abstracts should be between 500 and 1000 words and submitted by 12 September 2014.

Date July 1, 2014

Clark Labs: Land Change Modeler Version 2.0 now available

Clark Labs: Land Change Modeler Version 2.0 now available Land Change Modeler for ArcGIS is an innovative land planning and decision support software extension to ArcGIS. Widely used for the prioritisation of conservation and planning efforts, Land Change Modeler allows you to rapidly analyse land cover change, simulate future land change scenarios, model REDD emission scenarios, and model species impacts and biodiversity.

With an automated, user-friendly workflow, Land Change Modeler simplifies the complexities of change analysis, resource management and habitat assessment. Land Change Modeler provides a start-to-finish solution for your land change analysis needs.

The Land Change Modeler is included within the IDRISI GIS and Image Processing software and is available as a software extension for use with ESRI’s ArcGIS product. It is compatible only with ArcGIS 10.2 or later.

Land Change Modeler users can do the following:

* Quickly map land change and trends
* Rapidly model future land change scenarios
* Assess habitat risk and species impacts
* Model species distribution and biodiversity
* Perform REDD analysis for the estimation of carbon emissions from deforestation
* Generate biological corridor designs
* Develop reserve selection and design scenarios

Date June 30, 2014

WMS Server featuring TatukGIS and Bing Maps


WMS Server featuring TatukGIS and Bing Maps The TatukGIS Developer Kernel component has been used to develop the server side of a custom client- server solution that combines TatukGIS functionality with the Microsoft Bing Maps service. The server module is a WMS server that provides map images and alphanumerical geology layer(s) to client applications. Integration of the Bing Maps API enables visualisation of any GIS data over satellite imagery or road maps while exposing all other features of Bing Maps, such as address geocoding, reverse geocoding, routing, etc.

The WMS server is developed using the Developer Kernel (DK) VCL edition with the Embarcadero Delphi development environment. The DK is preferable to other GIS technologies for this development because of its clean object structure, ability to work in read and write mode with multiple data formats using the same codebase, and the very competitive performance. A port of the server module to the new TatukGIS DK for ASP.NET edition and C# is in advanced development.

The free TatukGIS desktop Viewer is used to organise layers representing different geologic information as TatukGIS (*.ttkgp file) map projects for publishing from the server.

The client side of this solution is composed of two free applications available from the Windows Store: Geologia Italia and Terremoti. Each application presents geology of Italy as semi-transparent layers over Bing Maps roads or satellite imagery. Geological Italia presents geology and geolitology of Italy and Terremonti maps seismic hazards and the latest earthquakes events taken from the GeoRSS of Italian Volcanology and Geology Institute (INGV). The main purpose of these free applications is to spread access to Italian geological data to students of natural sciences and geology. The client apps are developed using C# with platform specific development tools.

These WMS server and client applications are developed by TatukGIS value added partner in Italy, ItacaSOFT. The client applications are presently available for Windows 8.1. Versions of these apps for Windows Phone and iOS are under development.

More about the TatukGIS Developer Kernel is available on the TatukGIS website.

Date June 30, 2014

SPOT 7 successfully launched today


SPOT 7 successfully launched today India's PSLV C23 vehicle released the SPOT 7 remote sensing satellite into orbit at 04:22 UTC today. Both SPOT 6 and SPOT 7 are equiped with 1.5 metre resolution sensors and are 180 degree-phased, enabling a revisit at least once a day for any point on Earth.

SPOT 6 and SPOT 7 deliver high resolution products with five spectral bands (Pan/R/G/B/NIR), fully superimposable, as they are always acquired simultaneously. Standard products are delivered application ready:pan-sharpened and orthorectified imagery in natural colour.Individual per-AOI-ordering and North-South acquisitions secure easy data handling. An extensive and attractive tasking offer allows users to select the service most suitable for their specific requirements.

Key Advantages:

* High resolution (1.5m)
* Daily revisit, anywhere
* Orthorectified products as standard
* Natural colour
* Last-minute requests
* Rapid processing & delivery
* Per-AOI-ordering

Date June 30, 2014

Marine Mapping Scientist


Marine Mapping Scientist The Joint Nature Conservation Committee (JNCC) are looking for a scientist to join their Marine Evidence Team, to work primarily on the Marine Habitat Mapping Project. The main functions of the Project are:

  • to obtain and archive seabed habitat data, develop and advise on the Marine Habitat Classification System for Britain and Ireland
  • compose geo-data layers showing the most up-to-date collection of habitat data according to various classification systems
  • publish habitat data through online interactive web portals
  • work to ensure that there is a common approach to marine habitat mapping across the UK.

This work supports conservation advice for all types of UK MPA, facilitates monitoring and assessment surveys of MPAs, contributes to the JNCC Marine Biodiversity Monitoring Strategy by allowing prioritisation of monitoring resources based on risk, and forms the foundation for development of a number of Marine Strategy Framework Directive (MSFD) biodiversity indicators

The Marine Mapping Scientist will undertake a range of duties such as (but not limited to):

  • Taking a lead role in the collation, cataloguing, re-interpretation and management of existing UK seabed habitat data;
  • Maintaining and further developing dissemination of marine benthic habitat data through online interactive mapping systems and other portals, including developing the online portal for the EMODnet Seabed Habitats (EUSeaMap) project;
  • Building relationships and liaising with colleagues in the Statutory Nature Conservation Bodies, UK Government, Devolved Administrations and research organisations to promote and coordinate the preparation and acquisition of quality assured marine habitat maps and associated data;
  • Collaborating on an international scale to improve habitat mapping across national borders, including coordinating the collation of OSPAR threatened and/or declining habitat data for the Northeast Atlantic;
  • Providing advice on seabed habitat mapping to internal and external colleagues and the public;
  • Participating in and/or manage contracts to support the work of the JNCC Marine Habitat Mapping project.

Job Ref: 2014/22
Salary: £ 26,533 per annum
Closing Date: 0900 0n 21st July 2014

Date June 30, 2014

QGIS 2.4 Released

World GIS Open Source Free

QGIS 2.4 Released The QGIS team have just announced the release of the latest version of QGIS. Version 2.4 "Chugiak" is now available for download. From the QGIS release notes:
The emphasis on this release has been very much on polish and performance - we have added many new features, tweaks and enhancements to make the user interface more consistent and professional looking (and hopefully easier to use). The composer (used for creating print ready maps) has had a lot of work done to it to make it a more viable platform for creating great cartographic outputs.

There has been a fair amount of chatter on forums and blogs around a few new features such as:

  • colour previews in composer and map canvas
  • copy, paste, drag n' drop colours
  • Multi-threaded rendering
  • colour-blind friendly palettes

One plugin worth noting is the MetaSearch Catalogue Client Plugin which will allow users to interact with Catalogue Services for the Web.

You can find a complete listing of the improvements and features of QGIS 2.4 on their change log.

Date June 30, 2014
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