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Online Resources

British Geological Survey Geoscience Data Index (GDI)

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British Geological Survey Geoscience Data Index (GDI) The site allows users to search for information about British Geological Survey's data collections covering the UK and other areas world wide. Data in the GDI includes borehole records, opencast coal prospecting sites, water wells, site investigation reports, drillcore, geochemistry, superficial deposits 1:625000 and bedrock 1:625000. Access is free, the interface is easy to use, and it has been developed to enable users to check coverage of different types of data and find out some background information about the data. More detailed information can be obtained by further enquiry to specified contacts, and ordering can be carried out via the web site.

British Library

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British Library The British Library Map Collections form the national collection of cartographic materials. The focal point of the Map Collections is the Map Library which provides access to maps, atlases and globes of all parts of the world dating back to the 15th century. It also acts as a Library-wide advisory service for cartographic materials dating back to the early medieval period.

British Library Ordnance Survey Drawings

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British Library Ordnance Survey Drawings The original large-scale drawings made for the famous one-inch-to-the-mile maps present a detailed picture of England and Wales between the 1780s and 1840.

The British Library is very fortunate in possessing 351 of the original preliminary drawings made by the surveyors between the 1780s and 1840. They cover most of England south of a line between Liverpool and Hull. The collection includes maps drawn by Robert Dawson, perhaps the most talented of the draftsmen, whose work set the style for British military map making. His Survey drawings of North Wales show his skill at its best.

British Library Sacred Texts Interactive Map

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British Library Sacred Texts Interactive Map This map shows the 78 sacred texts in the British Library's Online Gallery. Most of them (72) were prepared for the Library's summer 2007 exhibition Sacred. The exhibition dealt with the common ground of Judaism, Christianity and Islam, and so the texts cover those three faiths. Over time we will gradually expand our Online Gallery with more items from other major world faiths.

You can view items by faith or date of origin. Use the text links in the panel to the left of the map to filter the selection of items shown. Click any marker on the map to display information about it and find out more. Navigate around, and zoom in or out, using the controls in the top left corner of the map window.

Charting the Nation - Scotland

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Charting the Nation - Scotland The Charting the Nation image collection includes a wide variety of single maps and maps in atlases and other bound books, together with important manuscript and printed texts relating to the geography and mapping of Scotland from 1550 to 1740 and beyond. Over 3,500 high resolution images are currently available.


Free World

Dapple Dapple makes it easy to find and visualize massive quantities of geoscientific data available on the Internet.

* Search the Web for spatial data.
* Search internal DAP servers and known Web servers for spatial data.
* View geoscience data, satellite imagery, remote sensing data, geology maps, geophysical data, and many other earth data sets of interest to geoscientists.
* Save an earth view and share your view with colleagues.
* Add new Geosoft DAP, WMS and ArcIMS servers of interest.
* View GeoTIFF files.
* View KML files (2.0.3 beta).

Why is Dapple different to Google Earth and NASA World Wind 1.4?
There are hundreds of useful sites that provide very useful geoscience data using the open WMS protocol, and a growing number of internet and corporate sites that use the more powerful Geosoft DAP protocols, neither of which can be accessed from Google earth.
Dapple is derived from World Wind 1.4 but only takes those parts that are the most useful to geoscientists and make them work for our community. We have focused Dapple on the job of “data browsing”, and we have created a much simpler and more intuitive interface.

Discovering Geology

Resources for Teachers Free Mapping Services

Discovering Geology British Geological Survey (BGS) information and resources for schools and colleges, lifelong learners or anyone with an interest in geology for education or leisure.

Resource themes include Climate change, Hazards, Geological Timeline and Geology of Britain. The latter provide Make-a-Map, an interactive geological map of the British Isles. It is intended for amateur geologists, students and teachers looking for an overview of the geology of the British Isles.

Earth Knowledge Portal

World RS GIS Free

Earth Knowledge Portal The Earth Knowledge Portal is a public website built using Earth Knowledge's WISSDOMTM (World Information Systems Socially Delivered via Online Media) Technology. WISSDOMTM Technology engages, educates, and informs in dynamic and interactive ways.

The focus of the Earth Knowledge Portal is to encourage "Reliable Prosperity" that was first described by Ecotrust. Reliable Prosperity occurs when decisions are made that concurrently support economy, communities, and the planet.

The Earth Knowledge Portal provides information from leading content and science providers categorized into 80 topics and presents this multimedia on a "Virtual Globe."

Earth Knowledge takes some of the 2 billion KML files out there and allows users to browse them online and find out who created them.

Environment Agency - Interactive Maps

UK GIS Mapping Services

Environment Agency - Interactive Maps The Environment Agency (EA) are the environmental regulators and enforcers for England and Wales. They collect and disseminate a wealth of environmental data and use interactive mapping to display the data. This portal provides access to interactive maps that show:

  • flood maps
  • air pollution
  • landfill sites
  • bathing waters
  • .... and much more information.

ESA Helioviewer

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ESA Helioviewer Helioviewer software allows access to images collected by the SOHO (solar and heliospheric observatory). Developed as part of the ESA/NASA Helioviewer Project, it provides a desktop program that enables users to call up images of the Sun from the past 15 years.

More than a million images from SOHO can already be accessed, and new images from NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory are being added every day.

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