Making Open Data Real

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Making Open Data Real The Government has launched a public consultation into making Open Data. This sets out Government’s proposed approach for Transparency and Open Data Strategy, which is aimed at establishing a culture of openness and transparency in public services.

The consultation seeks the public’s views on:

  • enhancing a ‘right to data’, establishing stronger rights for individuals, businesses and other actors to obtain data from public service providers
  • how to set transparency standards that enforce this right to data
  • how public service providers might be held to account for delivering open data
  • how gov might ensure collection and publication of the most useful data
  • how gov might make the internal workings of government and the public sector more open
  • how far there is a role for government to stimulate enterprise and market making in the use of open data.

As Nigel Shadbolt said at the recent INSPIRE 2011 conference "Location is the connective tissue that connects open data".

With this in mind, the Geo-Community should contribute to the consultation. The deadline for contributing to the consultation is the 27 th October 2011.

Date August 4, 2011
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