Data Format Guides


EUROGI: European Umbrella Organisation for Geographic Information

EUROGI: European Umbrella Organisation for Geographic Information EUROGI provide links to geographic information standards and specifications.

Date October 2, 2007


GeoCommunity Geocommunity provide information on the following GIS data formats:

- digital map formats;
- vector file formats;
- raster file formats;
- information types;
- software file formats.

Date October 2, 2007

GIS Lounge

GIS Lounge

GIS Lounge provides links to:

- guides to the various file formats and tools for data format conversions;
- find conversion utilities to convert from one GIS application to another.

Date October 2, 2007

GPS Babel Documentation


GPS Babel Documentation This is the readme file from the GPS Babel conversion tool.

Section 3 lists all the formats it reads and describes their use and original manufacturer.

Date July 19, 2006

Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC)


Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) Documents are available for reviewing and downloading on: the OpenGIS abstract specification; approved OpenGIS implementation specifications; OGC recommendation papers and information about conformant products.

Date October 2, 2007
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