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    The Geographic Resources Analysis Support System, commonly referred to as GRASS, is a Geographic Information System (GIS) providing powerful raster, v
  • gvSIG
    gvSIG has established itself as one of the most comprehensive Open Source GIS packages. gvSIG is a fully fledged desktop application designed for cap
  • QGIS
    QGIS is a full functioning GIS that is easy and intuitive to use. It is quickly becoming the leading open source standalone GIS.

    QGIS is a

AccuGlobe 2007

Free Windows GIS

AccuGlobe 2007 An easy-to-use tool to modify and analyse GIS data. The casual user, with limited GIS knowledge and expertise in GIS, can download a free version of AccuGlobe 2007 to allow them to develop, edit and view GIS data.

Recent updates include:

* On the fly projection (both vector and raster)
* Support for ECW raster layers
* Support for JPEG 2000 layers
* Support for PNG layers
* Legend grouping - will support groups within groups
* Dynamically show and hide whole or partial themes

Date October 8, 2004

ArcGIS Explorer Desktop

GIS Mac Linux Unix Windows Free

ArcGIS Explorer Desktop ArcGIS Explorer Desktop is a free GIS viewer that gives you an easy way to explore, visualize, and share GIS information. ArcGIS Explorer adds value to any GIS because it helps you deliver your authoritative data to a broad audience.

With ArcGIS Explorer, you can

* Access ready-to-use ArcGIS Online basemaps and layers.
* Fuse your local data with map services to create custom maps.
* Add photos, reports, videos, and other information to your maps.
* Perform spatial analysis (e.g., visibility, modeling, proximity search).

Date October 8, 2004

Bentley View

GIS Windows Free

Bentley View Bentley View works with MicroStation DGN and AutoCAD DWG drawings and models, allowing you to open, view, interrogate and print design data. This free solution also allows you to graphically review the progress of your projects with the design history technology found in MicroStation V8. Supports TIFF, GeoTIFF, JPEG, PNG and MrSID. Windows-based.

Date January 12, 2005

CartoMAP Viewer


CartoMAP Viewer Free map viewing software, designed for ease of use. It supports ESRI shapefiles and MapInfo MIF/MID data formats and provides users with the ability to pan, zoom, query, fast find and order layers. Available in BDE and DBISAM versions.

Key Features:

  • Use with any database
  • Supports for ArcView shape and MapInfo files
  • Import DXF Entities
  • Various spatial analysis functions
  • Various thematic routines
  • Automatic labelling
  • Advanced line formatting

Date January 12, 2005

CrimeStat III


CrimeStat III CrimeStat is a spatial statistics software package for the analysis of crime incident locations. CrimeStat is being used by many police departments around the US as well as by criminal justice and other researchers. Interfaces with most GIS software and is Windows-based.

Date May 12, 2005


GIS Windows Free

DIVA GIS DIVA-GIS is a free computer program for mapping and for analyzing spatial data. It is particularly useful for analyzing the distribution of organisms to elucidate geographic and ecological patterns.

It is aimed at persons who cannot afford generic commercial geographic information system (GIS) software, or do not have the time to learn how to use these, and for anyone else who wants a GIS tailor-made to analyze biological distributions.

DIVA-GIS supports vector (point, line, polygon) and image and grid data types. DIVA-GIS can help improve data quality by finding the coordinates of localities using gazetteers, and by checking existing coordinates using overlays (spatial queries) of the collection sites and administrative boundary databases. Distribution maps can then be made. Analytical functions in DIVA-GIS include mapping of richness and diversity (including based on molecular marker (DNA) data; mapping the distribution of specific traits; identification of areas with complementary diversity; and analysis of spatial auto-correlation. DIVA-GIS can also extract climate data for all locations on land. Ecological niche modeling can be carried out using the BIOCLIM and DOMAIN

Date October 5, 2009

dlgv32 Pro


dlgv32 Pro dlgv32 Pro is a limited-feature version of commercial software called Global Mapper which was created from the original dlgv32 source code. Improved to address changes in data standards and to better meet customer requirements, dlgv32 Pro continues the tradition of providing quality viewing software for USGS data users. The USGS has obtained from Global Mapper a license to freely distribute this limited-feature version.

Improvements include a growing list of supported data formats and major enhancements which include:

* Auto-clip collar for DRG's
* Opens SDTS DLG and SDTS DEM files directly from .tar.gz archives
* Opens DLG-O and DEM files directly from gzipped archives
* Slide-over Attribute Display
* Keyboard navigation.

The latest version of dlgv32 Pro is available for download from our FTP site, as well as, binary and source distributions for the original dlgv32 (version 3.7) software.

Date February 13, 2007

ERDAS Viewfinder 2.1

Windows Free UK

ERDAS Viewfinder 2.1 ERDAS ViewFinder is a free viewing tool provided by Leica Geosystems. It provides basic image viewing and manipulation capabilities, including the ability to display, query, roam, rotate, zoom, and reproject imagery.

Windows-based, ERDAS ViewFinder displays ERDAS, TIFF, MrSID, JPEG and ER Mapper images.

Date January 7, 2005

GIS Cloud

GIS Free Mapping Services

GIS Cloud GIS Cloud is world's first full featured web based Geographic Information System (GIS) powered by Cloud Computing with advanced capability of creating, editing, uploading, sharing, publishing, processing and analyzing geospatial and attribute data.

Its purpose is to help in making best possible life and business decisions and tackle problem solving through data visualization and geo-processing.

So what can GIS Cloud help you with?

* Create Layer: Line, Poly, Point
* Edit Line, Poly, Point
* Create and edit attributes
* Mobile Input

* Vectors: ESRI Shapefille, MapInfo, KML, all OGR formats
* Raster: GeoTiff, all GDAL formats
* Tiles: Google Maps, NASA, …

* Colors
* Labels
* Appereance

* Hotspot
* Buffer
* Layer coverage
* Statistical intersections

* Export Vector
* Export Raster
* Sharing with users
* Embed
* Print

GIS Cloud is Software as a Service (SaaS) available in free and pay-per-use model.

Date February 9, 2010

GISLook and GISMeta

RS GIS Open Source Free

GISLook and GISMeta GISLook and GISMeta are more like free viewers rather than full blown GIS's. GISLook/GISMeta are plugins for Mac OS X 10.5 that show GIS data in the Finder.

* Use GISLook to browse and preview GIS data in Finder windows, including Cover Flow and Quick Look windows.
* Use GISMeta to view the size of GIS raster grid files.

Supported file formats:
Vector data
• ESRI Shape (.shp)
• E00 ArcInfo Interchange (.e00)
• ArcInfo Coverage (.adf)

Raster grids, such as digital elevation models or land cover data with a single band
• BIL (.bil), BIP (.bip) and BSQ (.bsq) with .hdr file
• ESRI ASCII Grid (.asc)
• ESRI Binary Grid (.flt with .hdr file)
• PGM (.pgm)
• SRTM (.hgt and .dem)
• Surfer Grid (.grd)
• USGS DEM (.dem)

Date February 5, 2010
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