Mimas Support Officer (Landmap Outreach Officer)

Raw Data Mapping Services RS UK

Mimas Support Officer (Landmap Outreach Officer) The Mimas Outreach Support Officer (Landmap) will undertake the development and enhancement of Landmap outreach and promotion activities of Landmap resources to the academic community. This will include workshop/seminar organisation, management, and delivery. The outreach officer will be expected to take ownership of the delivery of the Landmap Marketing Plan and promotional activities. The purpose of the outreach activities is to promote increased awareness and actual use of the service.

The post holder will also be required to participate in work focusing on enhancing the usability of the Landmap website and the Kaia download geo-portal. This work will either take form in the production of video tutorials and/or web based instruction on the efficient use of Kaia.

The post holder will have excellent verbal and written communication skills together with experience in developing and delivering presentations. You will also have experience in arranging delivering training courses; have an understanding of Satellite Imagery and GIS Data; and experience of designing marketing materials.

Salary: £24,370 to £28,251 p.a
Duration: Until 31 July 2012
Closing date: 20/12/2011

Lecturer in Land Surveying and /or Photogrammetry


Lecturer in Land Surveying and /or Photogrammetry Newcastle University are looking for a Lecturer in Land Surveying or Photogrammetry to join the School of Civil Engineering and Geosciences.
The candidate will supplement or complement existing expertise in GNSS, laser scanning, multisource geospatial data capture and spatial databases and analysis. They will assist with undergraduate courses in land surveying and/or photogrammetry and will be expected to undertake research and supervise PhD students. They may also wish to develop pertinent CPD courses in their area of expertise.

Candidates will hold a PhD (or equivalent) in a relevant area and have research interests which complement those already in the geomatics group. They should be able to demonstrate a track record in applying advanced analysis to primary data sets, and further testing or development of physical models. Research expertise across the broad spectrum of land surveying including photogrammetry is essential.

The fixed term post is for a period of five years in the first instance, to cover the appointment of Professor Jon Mills as Head of School.

Salary: £31,798 - £44,016
Closing date: 16th January 2012

PhD - Improving Species Range Map Methodologies

Research GIS UK

PhD - Improving Species Range Map Methodologies The Nippon Foundation Nereus Fellowship provides funding to enable PhD level research into a) exploring the transferability of methodological developments from the terrestrial to the marine environment and b) investigating how best to bring modelling and expert-based approaches together to improve species distributions. As such, this research proposes to:

1. Develop range maps using a number of algorithms, including adapting one or more from recent terrestrial science; and including expert-derived maps, and exploring the feasibility of using a Bayesian approach to the development of distribution maps using expert input as priors. This work will be highly collaborative with relevant partners.

2. Carry out blind reviews by experts of all of these distribution maps to explore the relative performance and limitations of the different algorithms, and use these reviews to rank algorithms and develop an improved approach;

3. Explore the relative reliability of expert judgment and modelling approaches to data poor problems, at a range of scales.

Quote Reference: LC08972
Closing Date: 31 January 2012

Journal of Maps in partnership with Taylor & Francis

Editor-in-Chief, Dr Mike Smith (Kingston University, UK), has announced the partnership between Taylor & Francis and himself for the publication of the Journal of Maps, with effect from Volume 8, 2012.

New developments for Journal of Maps

• Online submission and peer review system, ScholarOne™ Manuscripts – coming soon!
• No submission fee – all submissions to Journal of Maps will now be free.
• New website on Taylor & Francis Online – www.tandfonline.com/TJOM - coming soon!
• Early online publication through iFirst – publishing articles rapidly, ahead of the journal issues.
• Annual Best Map Prize – to be chosen by the Editorial team.
• Much more! – including HTML versions of articles, forward citation linking and added global reach and visibility, providing authors and readers with an even better publishing experience.

Journal of Maps is concerned, broadly, with social and physical processes that take place on a geographical scale. Topics could include, for example, footfall in retail marketing, the spread of bird flu or location of geological faults, the common theme being the use of maps or spatial diagrams to advance understanding. Taylor & Francis are committed to the current Editorial policy and this will remain under the exclusive control of the Editorial team.

Taylor & Francis is part of Informa, one of the world's leading publishers of academic journals.

All previously published volumes of the Journal of Maps will remain freely available on Taylor & Francis Online at www.tandfonline.com/TJOM .

New issues will also be hosted on this new journal homepage and available to subscribers of Journal of Maps.

Should you have any questions regarding the 2012 pricing of the journal or subscription queries please do not hesitate to contact Taylor & Francis via subscriptions@tandf.co.uk

To recommend the Journal of Maps to your library please complete this form:

IJHG December 2011 edition available online

Free Subscription

IJHG December 2011 edition available online The following articles are now available on the International Journal of Health Geographics’ website. These can be accessed for free and include articles submitted to the Journal from 31 November to 31 December 2011.


Development of spatial density maps based on geoprocessing web services: application to tuberculosis incidence in Barcelona, Spain. Dominkovics P, Granell C, Perez-Navarro A, Casals M, Orcau A, Cayla J.

Linking GPS and travel diary data using sequence alignment in a study of children's independent mobility. Mavoa S, Oliver M, Witten K and Badland HM.

Geographical, temporal and racial disparities in late-stage prostate cancer incidence across Florida: a multiscale joinpoint regression analysis. Goovaerts P and Xiao H.


Infant mortality in South Africa - distribution, associations and policy implications, 2007: an ecological spatial analysis. Sartorius BK, Sartorius K, Chirwa TF, Fonn S.

Characterizing the interface between wild ducks and poultry to evaluate the potential of transmission of avian pathogens. Cappelle J, Gaidet N, Iverson SA, Takekawa JY, Newman SH, Fofana B, Gilbert M.

East-West gradient in cardio-vascular mortality in Austria: how much can we explain by following the pattern of risk factors?. Stein KV, Rieder A, Dorner TE.

The modifiable areal unit problem (MAUP) in the relationship between exposure to NO2 and respiratory health. Parenteau M, Sawada MC.

Where they live, how they play: Neighborhood greenness and outdoor physical activity among preschoolers. Grigsby-Toussaint DS, Chi SH and Fiese BH.

Studying relationships between environment and malaria incidence in Camopi (French Guiana) through the objective selection of buffer-based landscape characterisations. Stefani A, Roux E, Fotsing JM and Carme B.

Interactive web-based mapping: bridging technology and data for health. Highfield L, Arthasarnprasit J, Ottenweller CA and Dasprez A.

Proximity of public elementary schools to major roads in Canadian urban areas. Amram O, Abernethy R, Brauer M, Davies H and Allen RW.


Spatially explicit multi-criteria decision analysis for managing vector-borne diseases. Hongoh V, Gatewood Hoen A, Aenishaenslin C, Waaub J, Belanger D, Michel P and Consortium T.

Crowdsourcing, citizen sensing and Sensor Web technologies for public and environmental health surveillance and crisis management: trends, OGC standards and application examples. Kamel Boulos MN, Resch B, Crowley DN, Breslin JG, Sohn G, Burtner R, Pike WA, Jezierski E and Chuang K.


Quantum GIS 1.7.3 released

Free Open Source GIS

Quantum GIS 1.7.3 released Quantum GIS have just announced that they have released QGIS 1.7.3 "Wroclaw". This latest version fixes a number of bugs and you can find a complete list of the bug fixes through the link below. The fixes include:

  • Fix #3581 Ftools: union tool leave holes in output
  • Fix #4500 Simplify tool freezes QGIS
  • Fix #3170 Many GDAL Tools don't work in OS X standalone
  • Fix #3723 Transparency settings are not applied from *.qml

Update on potential GPS disruption

GIS RS World

Update on potential GPS disruption Spotted on SlashGeo, the results of the test to investigate how disruptive to GPS LightSquared Inc. wireless internet service might be. The results suggest that LightSquared's proposal would disrupt around 75% of GPS receivers.

LightSquared insist that they want to provide a service that will not affect GPS receivers. If you dig through the links on SlashGeo then you will see that this dispute is quite interesting, but at the same time quite worrying for those who rely on GPS, which is pretty much most of the developed World.

New GIS Masters at Edinburgh Uni

Research Learning Resource GIS UK

New GIS Masters at Edinburgh Uni A new GIS masters, GIS and Archaeology is to be offered by the University of Edinburgh for entry in 2012.

GIS & Archaeology is a new Masters Programme that will be launched in September 2012. If you'd like to hear more about the programme, or are interested in taking it, we'd like to hear from you.

The GIS & Archaeology programme at Edinburgh is unique. It builds on our reputation as a centre of excellence in Geographical Information Science (GIS), with a pedigree in archaeological teaching and research which extends back into the 19th Century. It is designed to combine GIS and archaeology into a programme with a distinctive Scottish flavour, while being outward-looking and encompassing international perspectives.

The programme is open to those from a breadth of backgrounds, although particularly suited to those with a good undergraduate degree in archaeology.

UK Research to be made Open

UK Research Free Raw Data

From The Guardian, "The results of publicly funded research will be open access" said Science Minister David Willetts. There should be a move to mandatory open access publishing of publicly funded research results which would certainly impact on the current business model of journal publishers. This forms part of the Innovation and Research Strategy for Growth report which was published last week.

The government wants to continue to move towards open access but also recognises the importance of peer reviewed publishing and understands that it also need to be paid for somehow. Resolving the push towards transparency and open access with the need for quality control in publishing scientific results will be a tricky one.

Perhaps keeping the journals as they are but ensuring that all data and results mentioned in a paper are made available to the wider community through repositories would be something to investigate. It will certainly be interesting to see where this goes in 2012.

BGS - Geospatial Developer


BGS - Geospatial Developer A vacancy has arisen at The British Geological Survey (BGS) for a highly motivated and enthusiastic Geospatial Applications Developer at our headquarters in Keyworth.

The candidate will develop web-based geospatial delivery systems for BGS data and information and develop spatial web services (e.g. WMS, WFS, WCS, Linked Data) to deliver BGS data and information in accordance with initiatives such as INSPIRE (Infrastructure for Spatial Information in Europe) and UK Location. In addition you will develop other web systems and web services in support of BGS activities.

The candidate should have an undergraduate degree in computing sciences or in the geosciences with a post graduate qualification in computing sciences or GIS. In addition they should have considerable knowledge of ArcGIS Server, a good knowledge of how the web works and considerable web application programming experience across a range of development environments and toolkits including Javascript, JQuery, DoJo, ColdFusion, Java, HTML, .NET

Salary: £19,540 to £23,150 per annum
Closing Date: 20th January 2012
Reference: IRC39841

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