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British Antarctic Survey Geophysics Data Portal (BAS-GDP) - (Antarctica)
The British Antarctic Survey\'s Geophysics Data Portal aims to make visualisation and download of geophysical data held by BAS more accessible to the academic community. 
Environment Agency Abu Dhabi (EAD) Geoportal - (Abu dhabi, united arab emirates)
The Environment Agency\'s Abu Dhabi Geoportal is a one-stop access point for environmental data about Abu Dhabi. The Geoportal opens the virtual door to EAD\'s entire catalogue of geospatial information, providing users with finished maps as well as the tools to explore geographic data and build your own maps. With its interface available in Arabic and English, the Geoportal ensures that you will have access to the best, most current environmental data available.

The Geoportal allows you to access information in three different ways:

* Map Gallery: Select from a menu of commonly used maps, organized by environmental themes. You can refine the map view by choosing additional layers of spatial information.

* Keyword search: Simple keyword searches enable you to quickly find map data. Or click Advanced Search to select more specific geographic information and other data categories.

* Channel search: Channels provide access to detailed metadata and predefined maps organized according to environmental themes. The Channels can also help you build your own custom map views using specific map services. 
Aboriginal Mapping Network - (Global)
The Aboriginal Mapping Network supports indigenous people in Canada and around the world with online tools such as traditional use studies, GIS, mapping and other info systems. 
Abu Dhabi Geospatial Portal - (Abu dhab, united arab emirates)
The Abu Dhabi Spatial Data Infrastructure Public Geospatial Portal and Map Viewer provides a single point of access for geospatial information across the entire AD-SDI community.

The portal hosts a wide range of data and information as well as providing map services that allow visitors to see and use the data on their own computers. It is a significant step toward the long-term SDI goal of establishing a network of seamlessly interoperable agency nodes for geospatial data. Acting as a data clearinghouse, the portal is a common repository for our stakeholders\' data and also hosts data for those agencies not yet able to implement and administer their own node.

The portal acts as a gateway to an extensive metadata catalog. This is a master inventory where users can find standard information about available geographic data sets. The data sets are generated by our stakeholders, the Abu Dhabi government agencies that develop and maintain the most commonly needed fundamental geographic data in the Emirate.  
Africa Institute of South Africa (AISA) Geoportal - (South africa)
The (AISA Geoportal) is a Data Gateway to Africa, and comprises a collection of about 5000 historical maps about Africa. This collection is a source for any kind of map e.g. tourist maps, history maps, and any other customised maps on request at a cost.

The Africa Institute of South Africa (AISA) was first established in 1960 as a non-profit organisation. Today it is a statutory body following the Africa Institute of South Africa Act (no 68 of 2001). Although the institute has been existence for more than 51 years, this saw it being brought into the fold of science councils in South Africa and given the full support of the Department of Science and Technology.

The AISA is intended to promote knowledge and understanding of African affairs through leading social scientists acting in concert and across all disciplines and through training and education on African affairs; collect, process and disseminate information on African affairs, give effective advice and facilitate appropriate action in relation to the collective needs, opportunities and challenges of all South Africans; and promote awareness and consciousness of Africa at grassroots level.

Agency for Real Estate Cadastre (AREC) GIS Portal, Republic of Macedonia - (Macedonia)
The AREC GIS portal is a web-based Geographic Information System (GIS) platform created for sharing and exchanging cadastral data. This will provide complete coverage of the whole territory of the country with basic digital spatial data sets.

This is a part of new activities for AREC and the government to develop a strategy for a National Spatial Data Infrastructure (NSDI) and meet the requirements for the INSPIRE Directive (No. 1205/2008) of the European Union. 
Agency of Legalization Urbanization and Integration of Informal Zone/Building (ALUIZNI) - (Albania)
Agency for the Legalization, Urbanization and Integration of Informal Areas / Constructions (ALUIZNI) in the Republic of Albania, is under the Ministry of Public Works, Transport and Communications.

This agency provides GIS and cartographic support for Albania\'s public works, transport, communications and urban planning. 
Agromonitoring Geoportal, Ukraine - (Ukraine)
Agromonitoring Geoportal is meant for providing of monitoring services of crops in Ukraine via the Internet. It provides the products of vegetation estimation including NDVI, VHI and EVI indices based on satellite data processing (Landsat 5/7, MODIS, AWIFS and others) and provide flexibility of visualization in the form of dynamically generated layers.

The main advantages of geoportal:

* no specialized software required;
* automatic loading of new products to the database;
* flexible adjustments of the dynamic layers and products used based on available information;
* ability to work in the specified time range;
* built on open-source software.
Atlas Nacional Interactivo de México (ANIM), (Interactive National Atlas of Mexico (ANIM) Geoportal for Mexico) - (Mexico)
In Mexico, virtually all sectors of the Federal Public Administration (APF) have geographic information production units, the same occurs in the area of the states and municipalities.

In this context and in order to simplify this task of discovery of geographic information, the Interactive National Atlas of Mexico (ANIM), emerges as an aspect of public information service, where users can view geographic information generated in a variety of entities through a single interface.  
Atlas of Living Australia - (Australia)
The Atlas of Living Australia (Atlas) contains information on all the known species in Australia aggregated from a wide range of data providers: museums, herbaria, community groups, government departments, individuals and universities.

Use this site to:
* access information pages for each species containing photos, descriptions, maps and observations
* access scientific and common names
* explore the flora and fauna reported around your neighbourhood
* learn about Australia’s biodiversity collections at museums, herbaria and other institutions
* learn about citizen science projects
* map, analyse and visualise biodiversity and environmental data and trends
* access tools to help track changes in biodiversity and the environment
* download and use open source tools
* download biodiversity data
* access images, literature and genetic information through Australian nodes of international data repositories
* volunteer for digitisation projects.
Australian Spatial Data Directory (ASDD) - (Australia )
The Australian Spatial Data Directory is a metadata search interface to discover geospatial data descriptions in Australia. The ASDD gateway is maintained by Geoscience Australia on behalf of ANZLIC - the Spatial Information Council, as part of its broader Australian Government responsibility for the ASDI. Individual ASDD nodes are implemented by State/Territory jurisdictions, Australian Government agencies, and commercial organisations. The site displays node status, with links.

Geoscience Australia, GPO Box 378, CANBERRA ACT 2601, Australia
Austrian Map online - (Austria)
The Austrian Federal Office of Metrology and Surveying offers this free online service for users to view raster maps of Austria from scales of 1:3 million to 1:50,000. 
Consejo Superior Geografico – Infraestructura de Datos Espciales de Espana (IDEE) - (Spain)
The Spatial Data Infrastructure of Spain (Infraestructura de Datos Espaciales de España, IDEE) is an initiative to integrate data, metadata and geographical information produced in Spain into Internet. The website provides access to the Main Node of Distribution and Screening of Data and Geographical Services in Spain, amd other nodes & websites of official geographical information under the theme of nature.
Ministerio de Fomento
28003, Madrid, Spain
Conservation GeoPortal - (Global)
The Conservation GeoPortal is a collaborative effort to build a comprehensive GIS data and map service catalog for the conservation community. This data catalog includes metadata records describing conservation GIS datasets and online map services. It also include a generic map viewer to allow interactive viewing of multiple map services.  
Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) Geoportal (South Africa) - (South africa)
The vision of the GSDI of the CSIR is to:

* provide access to research output and associated geospatial data;
* promote the use of geo-information in research;
* facilitate access to geospatial data;
* ensure legal compliance to legislation pertaining to geospatial data;
* contribute to an increase in the quality of research output through the use of geospatial data;
* facilitate collaboration through their CSIR geoportal. - (United states of america) was initially launched in May 2009 with a limited number of Federal datasets and tools. Shortly after its launch, integrated the Geospatial One-Stop (GOS) portal and catalog, and added improvements to both the user interface as well as the underlying infrastructure. includes searchable catalogs that provide access to "raw" datasets and various tools. In the "raw" data catalog, you may access data in XML, Text/CSV, KML/KMZ, Feeds, XLS, or ESRI Shapefile formats.

The catalog of tools links you to sites that include data mining and extraction tools and widgets. Datasets and tools available on are searchable by category, agency, keyword, and/or data format. - (Uk )
The data included on this portal is for the United Kingdom and includes a variety of geospatial data, from imagery to local government datasets.  
Digital Geoscience Maps (DGM) and Map Image Rendering DAtabase for GEoscience (MIRAGE ) - (Canada )
The Geological Survey of Canada (GSC) has published about 400 digital geoscience maps over the past 15 years. The geological polygons for approximately 250 of these maps are currently being made available online to find, preview, and download as ESRI shape files through this map search tool.

MIRAGE is a digital image library of Geological Survey of Canada maps. The GSC has published thousands of maps since the mid-1800\'s. More than 20,000 of these maps have been scanned and are available. 
Digital Map of Mexico, Instituto Nacional de Estadística, Geografía e Informática (INEGI), National Institute of Statistics, Geography and Informatics (INEGI) - (Mexico)
Digital Map of Mexico: A Geographic Information System (GIS) with hardware and software architecture aimed at its use via internet/intranet, composed of robust open source components.

Contributes to the consultation and analysis of geographic and statistical information generated by INEGI, and implements best practices application development.

Digital Map of Mexico offers 158 vector data layers, with more than 66 million objects raster geographic coverages for the country.  
Earth Resources Observation and Science (EROS) Center, (US Geological Survey) - (Global)
EROS archives remotely sensed images of the Earth\'s land surface. These data are acquired by civilian satellites and aircraft and used to study a wide range of natural hazards, global environmental change, and economic development and conservation issues.

Products and data available from EROS include the following:
* aerial Photography;
* satellite Imagery;
* elevation;
* land Cover;
* digitized Maps. 
EarthExplorer - (Global)
Query and order satellite images, aerial photographs, and cartographic products through the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS). 
EPA Ireland Geoportal, Republic of Ireland - (Republic of ireland)
EPA Ireland GeoPortal Site. One Stop Portal for EPA GIS, Metadata, INSPIRE, ISDE, ISDI studies.

The EPA Geoportal allows users to search for Data, browse a map, download data and create metadata. 
EuroGeoSurveys - (Europe )
EuroGeoSurveys is the Association of the European Geological Surveys, the portal contains metadata and data in numerous geosciences EU applications, including EU-SEASED seabed, geological and hydrogeological map of Europe, Geochemical Atlas of EU, mineral resources and the ACP minig database, and SIGAfrique Information System.EuroGeoSurveysRue du Luxembourg 31000 BrusselsBelgium 
European Drought Observatory (EDO) MapViewer, (European Commission Joint Research Centre) - (Europe)
European Drought Observatory provides European-wide data on drought relevant products such as precipitation, soil moisture, and photosynthetic activity of the vegetation cover. Continuous simulations within the European Flood Alert System (EFAS) produce daily soil moisture maps of Europe. This information provides an instantaneous image of the current modelled situation of the water content. Meteorological input information is derived from measured and spatially interpolated meteorological point data provided by the JRC Institute for Protection and Security of the Citizen. 
European Floods Portal, (European Commission\'s Joint Research Centre) - (Europe)
The European FLOODS Portal brings together information on river floods and flood risk in Europe.

The portal is the result of ongoing research activities carried out as part of the Institute for Environment and Sustainability (IES) FLOODS Action at the European Commission\'s Joint Research Centre, combined with local public information provided by EU Countries. 
European Forest Data Center Portal - (Europe)
The specific goal of European Forest Data Center (EFDAC) is to become a focal point for policy relevant forest data and information by hosting and pointing to relevant forest information as well as providing web-based tools for accessing information located in EFDAC.

The following applications are the core elements of the EFDAC:

* metadata catalogue 
European Soil Data Centre MapViewer, (European Commission\'s Joint Research Centre) - (Europe)
The Soil Geographical Database of Eurasia at Scale 1:1,000,000 is part of the European Soil Informaton System (EUSIS). It is the resulting product of a collaborative project involving all the European Union and neighbouring countries. It is a simplified representation of the diversity and spatial variability of the soil coverage. The methodology used to differentiate and name the main soil types is based on the terminology of the F.A.O. legend for the Soil Map of the World at Scale 1:5,000,000. This terminology has been refined and adapted to take account of the specificities of the landscapes in Eurasia. It is itself founded on the distinction of the main pedogenetic processes leading to soil differentiation: brunification, lessivage, podzolisation, hydromorphy, etc. The database contains a list of Soil Typological Units. Besides the soil names they represent, these units are described by variables (attributes) specifying the nature and properties of the soils: for example the texture, the water regime, the stoniness, etc. 
Famine Early Warning Systems Network (USGS FEWS NET) Portal - (Global)
The USGS FEWS NET Data Portal provides access to geo-spatial data, satellite image products, and derived data products in support of FEWS NET monitoring needs throughout the world. This portal is provided by the USGS FEWS NET Project, part of the Early Warning and Environmental Monitoring Program at the USGS Earth Resources Observation and Science (EROS) Center.

The U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) Famine Early Warning Systems Network (FEWS NET) is an information system designed to identify problems in the food supply system that potentially lead to famine or other food-insecure conditions in sub-Saharan Africa, Afghanistan, Central America, and Haiti. 
Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) GeoNetwork Portal - (Global)
The FAO GeoNetwork provides Internet access to interactive maps, satellite imagery and related spatial databases maintained by FAO and its partners. It\'s purpose is to improve access to and integrated use of spatial data and information.

Through this website FAO facilitates multidisciplinary approaches to sustainable development and supports decision making in agriculture, forestry, fisheries and food security.

Maps, including those derived from satellite imagery, are effective communicational tools and play an important role in the work of various types of users:

* Decision Makers: e.g. Sustainable development planners and humanitarian and emergency managers in need of quick, reliable and up to date user-friendly cartographic products as a basis for action and better plan and monitor their activities.
* GIS Experts in need of exchanging consistent and updated geographical data.
* Spatial Analysts in need of multidisciplinary data to perform preliminary geographical analysis and reliable forecasts to better set up appropriate interventions in vulnerable areas.
Gagnavefsjá, (Iceland Continental Shelf Portal and Iceland Energy Portal) - (Iceland)
Iceland Continental Shelf Portal:

The Iceland Continental Shelf Portal (Opens in new window) (ICSP) provides access to information about data pertaining to the Icelandic Continental Shelf, in particular initially to the northern Dreki Area. All data is presented online in an accessible format, and includes a block system for the licensing area, an overview of geophysical data, and metadata on surveys of the Dreki Area.

Iceland Energy Portal:

The Iceland Energy Portal (Opens in new window) (IEP) has replaced the Energy Resources Data Viewer (ERDV). The IEP publishes online information regarding spatial data about Iceland in subject categories that fall within the operational scope of the NEA. The ERDV was closed in December 2011. Datasets of the Authority are continuously updated, which includes the updating of metadata for the datasets. Additional spatial datasets are under development which are intended for publication in the IEP.  
GEO Portal Clearinghouse - (Global)
The GEO portal provides an entry point to access Earth Observation information and services. It connects to a system of existing portals, addressing the GEO Societal Benefit Areas globally while also providing national and regional information to enhance understanding.

The GEO portal is a gateway to global Earth Observation data, information and services developed by the European Space Agency (ESA) in collaboration with the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) as contribution to Global Earth Observation System of Systems (GEOSS). 
Geo Servidor (Environment Ministry of Peru) - (Peru)
Geo Servidor is a product developed in the Directorate General of Land Management (DGOT), through the efforts of the professional team of Geographic Information System-SIGMINAM Ministry of Environment. Geo Servidor supports the following:

* downloadable maps;
* Interactive Maps - to query databases and print maps interactively;
* data Repository - to exchange raster and vector data with authorized institutions;
* Metadata catalog to search for maps and documents. Geographic Catalogue, Switzerland - (Switzerland) is the name for the metadata catalogue for Swiss geodata. Federal offices, cantons, communes and private entreprises record the metadata for their geodata in represents an ideal starting point for your search for geodata like aerial photographs, protected sites, natural dangers, earthquakes etc. It comprises a search and editing application as well as a catalogue web service. Portal, Denmark - (Denmark) is the Danish geoportal which allows professional users and citizens to search and access spatial data. also comprises the Danish intelligence service under the INSPIRE Directive
(Regulation No. 976/2009 as regards the Network Services). contains metadata which describes spatial data and services, both of which are covered by the INSPIRE Directive (2007/2/EC) and others. The descriptions are created by individual data owners (typically organizations within the public). It is free for data owners to make their spatial data and services available on the

The descriptions of both spatial data and services follow the requirements set out in the implementing rules for INSPIRE Directive
(Regulation No 1205/2008 with regard to metadata ). Portal, (Mapping & Cadastral Organisation of Greece (OKXE)) - (Greece)
The Portal is the first attempt to provide free geospatial data to the wider Civil Service to all citizens of Greece.

The website will be continuously updated with data from more and more entities of the Public Administration, and will be enriched with functionality. The goal is to make available, all the geospatial data from the public administration in order to
• oversee the administration;
• actively participate in environmental protection;
• develop new, smart applications and services.

The geospatial data is made available through web services ( WMS - Web Map Service and WFS - Web Feature Service), which are open standards defined by the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC).  
Geodatenportal der österreichischen Länder (Austrian State Geoportal) - (Austria) offers free access to important Geodata and it is the first step of the implementation of strategic objectives defined by Austrian Geodata politics. Users have the possibility to view the Gedodata of all nine federal states of Austria by using an Internet Browser (without any Plugin). Moreover users can search for places and coordinates, can zoom-in and zoom-out, of course it is possible to print the selected maps. Both the specific datapool and the functionality of the maps are steadily enhanced., (Geodata Portal for the Liechtenstein Land Administration) - (Liechtenstein)
This Land Administration\'s geo data portal provides users access to Liechtenstein\'s spatial data. 
Geographic Information Portal of Lithuania - (Lithuania)
As part of the Lithuanian Geographic Information Infrastructure (LGII), the Geographic Information Portal of Lithuania has been designed as an open, shared national spatial data infrastructure for accessing and distributing geographic information products and services online. It connects major public sector information sources through a single Internet portal.

The Portal allows users to do the following:
* browse maps;
* find information about available geographic data and services (Search);
* use the Glossary of geographic information terms (GIS-Glossary);
* participate in thematic geographic information communities (Communities);
* participate in the discussion forum;
* order and purchase online data products and services (registered users);
* publish geographic data and services (organisations).
Geographical Information Systems Web Portal, Turkey - (Turkey)
This portal provides geographic datasets by data producers and data services, spatial data, geographic data and services published by service providers, and among users who need a simple, fast and provides efficient area of interaction.

This application is located within the Ministry of Forestry and Water Affairs and Ministry of Environment and Urbanism’s related units in different environments and providing geographic data and metadata information of the INSPIRE and in accordance with ISO standards, to present to users through a common infrastructure. INSPIRE Directive, ie the portal according to the spatial functions geoportal listed:

* geographic information resources and searching for the publication;
* spatial information content and display of questioning;
* the user needs to analyse the data according to the location;
* featured on the client side processing of the data analysis functions in the event of insufficient data to provide a spatial distribution;
* authorisation of users to access the Portal resources;
* personalise portal applications.
Geography Network Canada - (Canada )
GNC is an online resource for finding and sharing geographic content, including maps and data, from many leading Canadian providers (includes atmospheric data, scanned maps, base maps, landcover). 
GeoINTA (Instituto Nacional de Technologia Agropecuaria) - (Argentina)
GeoINTA is an information system created by professionals from INTA for querying maps, their associated databases, images and photomosaics simply, from the Internet. Web visualization tools combined with databases of natural resources, productive agricultural and risk, allowing the query by geographic coordinates and the combination of different maps, generating layered analysis.

GeoINTA is based on a computing architecture that uses free software and commercial art and technological developments of their own to give everyone the possibility of using a Geographic Information System via the Web.  
GeoLex, Sweden - (Sweden)
GeoLex is an interactive web service that displays current and continuously updated information on aerial photographs, property information, geodesy, geographic databases and maps for Sweden. The GeoLex is to provide an improved user service and knowledge of Land Survey products. 
GeoNorge, National Geoportal of Norway - (Norway)
The GeoNorge metadata portal is an agency collaboration headed by the Norwegian Mapping Agency to provide web-based map and geographic services on the Internet. It involves the cooperation of public agencies that have geographic responsibilities or are larger users of geographic information. Publication is open to data providers for both public and private users.  
Géoportail du SITN (Système d’Information du Territoire Neuchâtelois), (Neuchâtelois Geoportal, Switzerland) - (Neuchâtel, switzerland)
Neuchâtel Information System Planning is responsible for the spatial data infrastructure for the canton of Neuchatel, and provides the organizational and technical support for the dissemination and exploitation of geographic information through the Neuchâtelois Geoportal.

GéoPortail EDL - (Belgium)
The Geoportal EDL offers users all Belgian administrative information on a map.

For each city and municipality, the following themes are also available for free:

* atlas for street addresses;
* cycling or walking routes;
* roadworks 
Geoportail – Le portail des territoires et des citoyens. - (France)
Geoportal was Developed by the state-funded National Geographic Institute (IGN), it will let users switch from aerial views of a site, to detailed maps, charts and geological data, with a new 3D tool. It gives access to high-resolution aerial imagery of its entire territory and it offered more detail of its territory than Google Earth.Institut GeographiqueNational - 136 bis, rue de Grenelle - 75700 Paris 07 SP - France 
Gé, The National Geoportal of the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg - (Luxembourg)
The Gé geoportal is available for national and foreign public administrations of state, regional or municipality-level organisations, the general public and businesses that need geodata.

Gé offers users standardised webservices to deliver geodata online to the users.
Geoportal de Chile (Geoportal of Chile) - (Chile)
This interactive system is part of the ambitious project to generate and strengthen the Geospatial Data Infrastructure of Chile, in which the government works through the National System for the Coordination of territorial information (SNIT).

The Geoportal allows users access to mapping and data that various institutions provide. This is done through a map viewer, which also allows users to overlay various thematic layers from different sources online.  
GeoPortal Državna Geodetska Uprava (DGU) (State Geodetic Administration) - (Croatia)
GeoPortal DGU becomes the first and main point of access to distributed geoinformation resources in Croatia. It is the cornerstone of the National Spatial Data Infrastructure (NSDI) and is therefore available to the entire Croatian community of geo-spatial information.

Geoportal DGU provides basic services for simple registration, execution and integration of external (standardized) GIS services across the Internet. The GeoPortal DGU also provides search functionality to search catalogs for spatial metadata.  
Geoportal for Iceland (INSPIRE) - (Iceland)
This Icelandic Geoportal is a web-based data portal that users can utilize to find and access geographical information and related services. The geoportal is important for efficient use of geographical information systems (GIS) and a key factor in spatial data infrastructure (SDI).

The data owners, both in the public and private sector can use the geoportal to publish their metadata. Users of geographical information, whether they are specialists or laymen, use the geoportal to search and get access to information they need. Meeting those needs, the geoportal plays an ever more important role in mediating geographical information and can reduce repetitive gathering of data, data inconsistency, delays, misunderstandings and wasting of resources. 
Geoportal Simón Bolívar (National Geoportal of Venezuela) - (Venezuela)
The Simón Bolívar Geoportal is a project for the dissemination and use of mapping and geographical maps in an official capacity of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela. It is the instrument for the publication of information social, economic and environmental data for the country.

The Spatial Data Infrastructure of Venezuela (IDEVEN) aims to facilitate the availability, access and use of data, metadata and standardised geographic services to all government, private sector, universities and the general public, providing the ability to integrate their own data, metadata and services infrastructure. 
GeoPortal.Bund - (Germany)
Since the release of the GeoPortal.Bund in October 2005, the geodata search engine GeoMIS.Bund (Ordinary Search, Extended Search), in operation on the internet already since 2003, has been integrated into a new technical platform, which allows visualization of decentrally kept data from different public institutions. This way, the user can view geodata found on interactive maps and combine them as desired (Baseviewer, Expertviewer).

The GeoPortal.Bund was developed by cooperation of BKG with providers of expert data of the Federal Government and ProDV Company (Dortmund). Among others, the GeoPortal.Bund is used as platform for model projects of the common initiative of the Federal Government, the Länder and the Municipal Umbrella Organizations for the setup of the GDI-DE. Through cooperation on this broad basis the requirement is met that projects of the IMAGI be harmonized with the GDI initiatives of the Länder and municipalities as well as with running eGovernment projects (in this case BundOnline), in accordance with the principle “some for all”.

In the years to come other functionalities will follow, among others further extension to a WebGIS (GIS = GeoInformationSystem), by means of which geodata can be visualized not only as a map image, but also be processed and ordered by the user himself. (Geoportal for Cantons: Appenzell Ausserrhoden, Appenzell Innerrhoden and St. Gallen) - (Appenzell ausserrhoden, appenzell innerrhoden and st. gallen, switzerland)
This is a comprehensive geoportal which provides maps and data from the cantons Appenzell Ausserrhoden, Appenzell Innerrhoden and St. Gallen and their municipalities.

Geoportal.Cúzk, (Czech Republic (CÚZK) Geoportal) - (Czech republic)
CÚZK Geoportal (hereafter Geoportal) is a complete Internet interface to access spatial data produced and updated by organizations of the Czech Office for Surveying, Mapping and Cadastre (CÚZK).

The Geoportal enables to search in one place for information (metadata) on spatial data provided by organizations subordinated to the ?ÚZK, their preview and requesting in form of files or services.

The Geoportal offers services of data sharing according rules of the EU INSPIRE Directive. It means that the Geoportal ensures namely:

* accessing spatial data files corresponding to themes mentioned in the Annex of the Directive;
* accessing services based on spatial data;
* publishing of metadata;
* services of Internet shop;
* sharing of spatial data files within the Public Administration;
* information on exploitation of the infrastructure. - (Poland) initiated by the Head Office of Geodesy and Cartography in Poland is aimed at providing access to national geodetic and cartographic resources. The main target was to provide georeferential data such as: orthophoto, roads, building, address points, parcels, and catalog services delivering the description of data stored by the service, it is also set to digitise and centralise all land-related data and information by 2009.

Geoportal is also harmonious with regulations of EC Directive INSPIRE, playing a role of broker, allowing its users to access demanded geospatial information. - (Republic of ireland) is the Republic of Ireland\'s portal for Geographic Information. This portal has been developed by Department of Environment, Community & Local Government (DECLG) and Ordnance Survey Ireland (OSi) with guidance and oversight from Irish public bodies on the Irish Spatial Data Infrastructure (ISDI) project steering committee. has been designed to comply with the EU INSPIRE Directive and to promote the sharing and effective use of Geographic Information and Geographic Information Systems in line with actions in the Irish eGovernment Strategy (2012-2015).  
Geoportale Nazionale (National Geoportal of Italy) - (Italy)
The National Geoportal allows for the visualisation and use of National maps that have been produced following an agreement between the state and regions about the reference cartographic system dated 12 October 2000.

The strategic aim of the NG is to promote and divulge the use of the Informative Territorial Systems, allowing access to environmental information concerning the territory to a widespread public, including non-experts, taking into consideration all the projects and activities that are now in course at a National and European level.

The National Geoportal allows anyone who has internet - students, researchers, administrators, and the general public - to see and freely use any maps that may be of interest to them, choosing them as if from a library shelf.

There are two types of possible users of the National Geoportal. The first group of possible users are those that are simply inerested in visuallly consulting available maps, that can be consulted in the same manner as in a book. The second group of possible users are those that need to elaborate territorial and environmental data, available on the Portal, for professional or accademic reasons. They can do this thanks to the following services wms, wfs and wcs that are available and allow the data to be interoperational.  
geoSerbia Geoportal, (Geoportal for Serbia) - (Serbia)
The purpose of geoSerbia Geoportal is to provide access to discovery and view services for selected metadata, spatial data sets, and services via the Internet, for professional users, as well as for public. 
Geospatial Information (GSI) Authority of Japan - (Japan )
The Geospatial Information (GSI) Authority of Japan is the only national organisation that conducts basic survey and mapping and instructs related organisations to clarify the conditions of land in Japan and that provides the results of surveys to help improve this land. 
GeoSUR Portal, Geospatial Information for the Development of Latin America and the Caribbean - (Latin america and caribbean)
The GeoSUR Portal provides an entry point to spatial data published by Latin American and Caribbean agencies. The data may be consulted directly by means of partner map services, a regional map viewer contained in this portal or through various metadata services.

Most of the spatial information available in this portal is available in map services operated by participating agencies in a decentralized fashion. These services are owned by spatial data producers from the region. These institutions register their various geoservices and their metadata with the portal in order to make them available to the public. No special skills or special software is required to use the portal; it is free and open to the public.

The GeoSUR Program is led by CAF - the Latin American Development Bank and PAIGH the Pan American Institute of Geography and History. The Portal was developed with the technical support of the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS).
Global Assessment of Land Use Dynamics, Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Ecosystem Services (GLUES) Geoportal - (Global)
This portal provides access to the GLUES Geodata Infrastructure. The infrastructure is the common data and service platform for the international research program \'Sustainable Land Management\'. The provided data pool can be freely used within the program but also by other interested scientists or stakeholders (please have a look at the conditions of use of the data you are interested in). Researchers of the Sustainable Landmanagement projects can use the Geodata Infrastructure to disseminate and share their project results [GLUES GDI Factsheet].

These are some of the themes the GLUES Geodata Infrastructure provides data for:

* land use;
* climate change;
* economic change;
* water resources and use;
* biodiversity;
* ecosystem services.

Global Biodiversity Information Facility (GBIF) Data Portal - (Global)
The Global Biodiversity Information Facility (GBIF) was established by governments in 2001 to encourage free and open access to biodiversity data, via the GBIF Data Portal. Through a global network of countries and organizations, GBIF promotes and facilitates the mobilization, access, discovery and use of information about the occurrence of organisms over time and across the planet.  
Global Biodiversity Information Facility (GBIF), Norway - (Norway)
GBIF Norway is the Norwegian participant node in the Global Biodiversity Information Facility, GBIF.

Their main task is to make primary data on biological diversity from the Norwegian collections and observation databases freely available and to coordinate GBIF-related activities in Norway.

GBIF Norway currently supplies data from 16 institutions and 67 databases. 
Guatemala Clearinghouse Universidad del Valle (GuateUVG) - (Guatemala)
This is a data clearinghouse at the University del Valle de Guatemala, developed by students from Computer Science, in collaboration with the Center for Studies in Applied Computing. 
Guide to US Geospatial Data Sources (University of Arkansas) - (United states of america)
Guide to US geospatial data sources and links, by State and Local Aggregations, and National links.
HLanData Portal, (Land use and Land Cover Portal for Europe) - (Europe)
The HLANDATA project aims to demonstrate the feasible European level harmonization of the Land Use and Land Cover datasets taking into account both the data categorization and the data models, for any of their possible uses and users, though the development of user oriented value-added services.

The Land Use is referred to the categorization of the territory based on its current and future planned socio economic purpose. Land Cover is referred to the physical, chemical, ecological or biological categorization of the earth surface.

Land Use and Land Cover are amongst the most important geographic information themes today because they are essential for many applications areas, such as:

* Environmental Impact Evaluation;
* GMES applications;
* calculations on CO2 drains;
* irrigation land\'s evolution and;
* evaluation-projection on water consumption, study on habitats and ecosystems, calculations on erosive states, study and evaluation of town-planning growth models, etc.

The HLANDATA project aims at making a significant step forward in overcoming the aforementioned barrier, fostering the use of the Land Use and Land Cover geographic data at a European level, through the creation of value-added European services.  
Hungarian Geo-Portal - (Hungary)
The Geo-Portal has been set up by the Geological Institute of Hungary with the objective of having a specific site for presenting databases, services and projects for the geoscientific profession. Instead of featuring the image of a firm or institution this homepage provides public services and information some of which can also be accessed from the homepage of the original owner. This portal is aimed at establishing closer links between geoscientific professionals and the users who can get access to broader information and datasets. 
iD’e Andorra Infraestructura de datos espaciales (Spatial Data Infrastructure Andorra) - (Andorra)
The Spatial Data Infrastructure of Andorra (Andorra SDI) has been created with the aim of providing the visualization, discovery and access to the spatial information generated in Andorra and other countries.

To achieve those purposes the geoportal has several services:

- a visualizer that shows geospatial information by means of several predefined maps or by the connection to Web Map Services (WMS) generated in other countries;
- a Metadata Catalog Service (CSW) that permits to discover, localize and obtain information about geospatial data produced in Andorra;
- a catalog with the WMS published in the geoportal;
- a Data Download Service in different commercial and standard formats;
- the Search of an address;
- generation of optimal routes on foot.

The metadata catalogue service and the web map services are based in the specifications CSW and WMS respectively of the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC®) organization that is leading the development of standards for geospatial and location based services.

Ina-GeoPortal, Indonesia - (Indonesia)
The Geospatial Information Agency has created the Ina-GeoPortal which aims to assist public sector organisations in their disaster mitigation and environmental conservation efforts.

The Ina-Geoportal will provide the public and state agencies with relevant spatial data and real-time information about roads, mountains, land elevation and coastal lines for disaster mitigation and environmental conservation management.  
Indonesia Geoportal GIS - (Indonesia)
Indonesia Geoportal GIS is a gateway to service information and service-based geospatial web. It makes you able to find, view and access geospatial information and services that have been provided by the source. Similarly, if you are a service provider and information, geospatial information you will be seen, found and accessed by others. 
Infraestructura de Dades Espacials de Catalunya Geoportal (IDEC Catalan Geoportal) - (Catalan)
The Catalonia’s Spatial Data Infrastructure Geoportal provides the IDEC Metadata Catalog and a range of thematic geoportals which provide metadata and spatial data for Catalonia. IDEC also offers MetaD web, a web form based application to create metadata. 
Infraestructura de Datos Espaciales de la República de Cuba (IDERC), (The National Geospatial Portal for the Republic of Cuba) - (Cuba)
The National Geospatial Portal or GeoPortal is an entry point to the national geographic information available in the Spatial Data Infrastructure of the Republic of Cuba (IDERC).

The fundamental data provided thus far are: hydrography, villages and urban settlements, elevations and geographical names. 
INSPIRE Geoportal - (Europe )
The EU INSPIRE Geoportal is Europe\'s Internet access point to a collection of spatial data under the Infrastructure for Spatial Information in Europe (INSPIRE) initiative. The Geo-Portal is established on standards and specifications from European, International and industry consensus building processes (ISO, CEN, OGC, W3C). The European Commission maintains this website to enhance public access to geographic information.
INSPIRE Geoportal (INIS Geoportal), National Agency of Cadastre and Land Registration, Romania - (Romania)
The Romanian National Infrastructure for Spatial Information (INIS) GeoPortal, developed on Esri Geoportal Server Extension Technology, represents a gateway to relevant, up to date and quality geographic information and it has a real potential to improve decision making process and operations at all national levels, dealing with activities which have a direct or indirect impact on the environment.

The major functionalities of the Romanian INSPIRE INIS Geoportal will allow end users to:

- Register as a portal user.
- Discover data.
- View data or maps maintained on a web-accessible server.
- Publish and expose their own geospatial information enabling it to be discovered by other users.
- Search and discover metadata records directly from a variety of external applications.
- Subscribe and receive automatic notification of new geospatial data resources that meets user-specified criteria.
- Obtain geospatial resources provided by other data producers.
Institut national de l\'information géographique et forestière Gé, (National Geographic Information and Forestry Geoportal, France) - (France)
Géoportail allows users to view not only maps and aerial photographs, but also many other geospatial data related to the environment, development, public service in France. The diversity of online data on Géoportail is likely of interest to a variety of audiences, through personal and professional use.  
Instituto Brasileiro de Geografia e Estatística (IBGE) - (Brazil)
The Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics is the main provider of data and information in the country and it fulfills the demands of several different segments of civil society, as well of other governmental institutions at federal, state and municipal level. 
Instituto Geografico Militar (Military Geographic Institute of Chile) - (Chile)
The Military Geographic Institute has been for 88 years, the official body responsible for drafting the country\'s official mapping. During this time some big tasks that have gone hand in hand with technological progress and scientific development, can now offer the general public, digital cartography 1:250,000 and 1:50,000 scale throughout the country. This achievement has been reached with the efforts of many years of professional, technical and administrative, civil and military, made up of this Institute and part of their corporate wealth.

The integration of disciplines such as geography, cartography and geodesy have managed to capture in our publications, the application of scientific knowledge. Many tasks are necessary prior to presenting our map products: the strength of our national geodetic network, which provides a livelihood for the accuracy and the reference to a unique geodesic, the study of geographical names, which allows us to have an identity with the different places in our country, and the constant improvement in disciplines that capture the information the geographical space teaches us, edit information, structure it properly to be used by different users, and finally publish and make available to all country.  
Italian National Statistics (Istat) - (Italy)
The Italian National Statistics (Istat) page provides access to ArcGIS Shapefiles for Italian ‘comuni’ (‘Parishes’) boundaries. 
Joint Research Centre (JRC) Community Image Data (CID) Portal - (Global)
The CID Portal is a Web portal to search and access Remote Sensing data and derived products hosted at JRC. Search and preview is open to the public. Access to the image data via a variety of online services is limited to authorized and registered users.

Staff of institutions of the European Union can be granted access to most of the archive data after registration. 
JUPEM Geoportal - (Malaysia)
The Department of Survey and Mapping Malaysia (JUPEM) deliver its digital geospatial products via the Internet or through JUPEM Geoportal, a sophisticated one-stop-counter service for the efficient dissemination of all its geospatial products to the public. 
Kagi Mapping for Faroe Islands - (Faroe Islands)
Dataservice, a GIS organisation on the Faroe Islands, has created this online mapping service for users to visualise landscape features on the Islands. 
Karnataka GeoPortal - (Karnataka, india)
The Karnataka GeoPortal is an Internet based Geo Spatial Data Directory for the state that allow the users of the system to share and explore the information related to political and administrative boundaries, state geography, demography, agro and socio economy, resources, infrastructure facilities with attributes. In the future the site can also be extended to cater to sale and purchase of data online.

Spatial datasets generated, maintained and provided by various concerned Departments of the State Government, academia, private or civil society organizations of Karnataka are proposed to be made accessible through the project data clearinghouse mechanism.  
Karttapaikka, (MapSite, National Land Survey of Finland) - (Finland)
Karttapaikka (MapSite) is the Finnish National Land Survey\'s map interface which serves as an outlet to sell basic maps, topographic maps, road maps, nautical charts and other Finnish spatial datasets. 
Katastrálny portá (Cadastral Geoportal, Slovak Republic) - (Slovak republic)
Cadastral Portal was established on the basis of the government decree of the Slovak Republic No. 540/2002, in which land register data publication over the Internet has been enacted

Cadastral Portal enables authorized access to land register data, obtain basic information instantly and without vistit to the respective district cadastral registry, for the authorized subjects obtain summary and detailed information without complicated correspondence.

Land register data publication over the Internet is supposed to bring enhanced database, improvement of property and legal relations transparency, drop of corruption in environment, increase of the credit of Slovak Republic abroad and the reduction of the workload of the district land registries and the Geodetic and Cartographic Institute in information service delivery.  
Kenya Open Data Portal - (Kenya)
The Kenya Open Data Initiative seeks to foster an innovation eco-system around Government data and is giving developers a chance to interact with the data, be able to use it and create interesting mash up and innovative applications.

Kenya is the first developing country to have an open government data portal, the first in sub-Saharan Africa and second on the continent after Morocco. The initiative has been widely acclaimed globally as one of the most significant steps Kenya has made to improve governance and implement the new Constitution’s provisions on access to information. As of November 2011, there are close to 390 datasets that have been uploaded to the site, with a plan currently in place to upload more data over the next year. There have been over 17,000 page views and over 2,500 dataset downloaded and embedded to various websites and portals. There are now over a hundred requests from the public for new datasets, and there is a clear demand for more data to be made available. 
Kosmosnimki Geoportal - (Russian federation)
Russian geoportal which provides satellite imagery coverage of the Russian Federation. 
La Infraestructura de Datos Espaciales de España (IDEE) Geoportal, (SDI Geoportal for Spain) - (Spain)
The IDEE Geoportal offers geographic data and interoperable geographic information services provided through the Internet network by the various government or public sector bodies integrated into Geographic Information Infrastructure of Spain.

The Spatial Data Infrastructure of Spain is based on infrastructure and interoperable geographic information services, general government and public sector organizations in Spain. Its remit is to ensure access to the nodes of the geographic information infrastructure established by regional governments and the interoperabilty between them for the purposes of the INSPIRE Directive 2007/2/EC.  
Maa-ameti Geoportaal (Estonian Land Board Geoportal) - (Estonia)
The Estonia Geoportaal is the "gateway" through which the public can access the Estonian state and local governments\' spatial data.

The Estonia Geoportaal is part of the spatial information infrastructure which has been designed to meet the specific requirements of the various spatial data, and are available through the services based on common standards.  
Malaysia Geoportal - (Malaysia)
Welcome to Malaysia Geoportal (MyGeoportal) your reference to Malaysia Geospatial Data Infrastructure (MyGDI) information and other geospatial-related information and activities in Malaysia.

This portal allows users to explore, view and access the implementation of MyGDI, initiatives and its related applications. 
Malta Environment and Planning Authority (MEPA) Geoportal - (Malta)
The MEPA Geoportal provides accessible planning data to the public, and includes information on environmental data, including environment permitting, environment assessments and marine data.  
MEGA-Jordan (Middle East Geodatabase for Antiquities in Jordan) - (Jordan)
MEGA-Jordan is a purpose-built Geographic Information System (GIS) to inventory and manage archaeology sites at a national level. It has been developed using state-of-the-art technology and requires no more than basic computer skills to enter site and site element boundaries and buffer zones; site details such as condition, threats, and other monitoring updates; and to print out detailed, up-to-date reports on Jordan’s vast number of archaeological sites. The system, in both Arabic and English, is web-based and will standardise and centralise data throughout the Kingdom. 
Ministerio de Vivienda, Ordenamiento Territorial y Medio Ambiente (The Ministry of Housing, Land Use Planning and Environment for Uruguay) - (Uruguay)
The Ministry of Housing, Land Use Planning and Environment provides online maps and data for Uruguay. Information about protected areas, climate change, water resources, land use planning, environmental and water management and waste can be found on this website. 
Moldovia National Geoportal - (Moldovia)
The Moldovia National Geoportal provides a metadata catalogue and online mapping for environmental, cadastral, demographic spatial data. Base layers include ortho-photos, raster and elevation maps.  
Morocco Open Data Portal - (Morocco)
The Ministry of Industry, Trade and New Technologies has developed the Morocco Open Data site to bring together in a single entry point to a set of public data from Morocco available at several locations in a format directly usable. The data collected mainly from:

* Survey data / collections conducted by the Ministerial Departments / Local / Government agencies.
* Statistics and indicators made public by Ministerial Departments / Local / Government agencies.
* Location data infrastructure managed by the Ministerial Departments / Local / Government agencies.
* Component data repositories maintained by the Ministerial Departments / Local / Government agencies.

This first version of the site is intended to be enriched by many datasets that will be added to the catalog in the coming months, as and on the contributions of the various departments, agencies and local public.  
Mountain Geoportal - (Afghanistan, bangladesh, bhutan, china, india, myanmar, nepal, pakistan)
The Mountain GeoPortal is a web-based virtual platform for geo-information and knowledge resources of the Hindu Kush Himalayan region. The GeoPortal aims to facilitate the sharing, integration, and use of geographic information across a broad user-base, giving consideration to standardised metadata datasets, training and educational resources, map services, applications and decision support systems, spatial visualisation, and other related geo-information based services. The website also includes a number of thematic viewers and the International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development (ICIMOD) Data viewer.

The GeoPortal is an important step in establishing a Himalayan Spatial Data Infrastructure (H-SDI) which will promote collaborative effort to build, share, and disseminate geo-information resources for the mountain environment. The H-SDI will work through a decentralised network of users and providers of information by forging partnerships with key national institutions in the ICIMOD regional member countries and strategic alliances with relevant regional and global partners.

The Mountain GeoPortal is maintained by ICIMOD’s MENRIS (Mountain Environment and Natural Resources\' Information System) Division .  
Nairobi Convention Clearinghouse and Information Sharing System - ( kenya, madagascar, mauritius, mozambique, seychelles, somalia, south africa and tanzania)
The Nairobi Convention Clearinghouse is destined to be a sustainable ‘data shop’, providing accurate and relevant data and information for improved management and protection of the coastal and marine environment in the in the Western Indian Ocean region. The Nairobi Convention Clearinghouse falls within the auspicies of the Nairobi Convention.

The Nairobi Convention provides a mechanism for regional cooperation, coordination and collaborative actions, and enables the Contracting Parties to harness resources and expertise from a wide range of stakeholders and interest groups towards solving interlinked problems of the coastal and marine environment.

In accordance with Decision 4/8 of the Contracting Parties to the Nairobi Convention, the Clearinghouse goal is to improve the coordination and participation of the Western Indian Ocean countries in implementing the Nairobi Convention. UNEP is supporting the implementation of national data and information clearinghouses nodes in Comoros, Kenya, France, Madagascar, Mauritius, Mozambique, Seychelles, Somalia, South Africa and Tanzania. 
NASA Spatial Web Portal - (Global)
The Spatial Web Portal (SWP) is devoted to the creation of a web-based gateway for the purpose of discovering, aggregating, managing, and presenting geospatial information resources. The SWP is currently in its early beta version, which supports search for spatial resources in the forms of data components and web-based services. It supports visualization of web map service (WMS). The concept of spatial is systematically and purposefully integrated into the system’s search procedure and the visualization functions. We bring the factor of physical locations of service providers into consideration when users select spatial resource providers. Therefore, the design of the graphic user interface (GUI) intentionally maximizes the use of map in all operations.  
NASA\'s Global Change Master Directory (GCMD) - (Global)
NASA\'s Global Change Master Directory (GCMD) holds more than 25,000 Earth science data set and service descriptions, which cover subject areas within the Earth and environmental sciences. The project mission is to assist researchers, policy makers, and the public in the discovery of and access to data, related services, and ancillary information (which includes descriptions of instruments and platforms) relevant to global change and Earth science research. Within this mission, the directory also offers online authoring tools to providers of data and services, facilitating the capability to make their products available to the Earth science community. In addition, citation information to properly credit data set contributions is offered, along with direct links to data and services. As an integral part of the project, keyword vocabularies have been developed and are constantly being refined and expanded. These vocabularies are also used in other applications within the broader scientific community. Users may perform searches through the Directory’s website using controlled keywords, free-text searches, map/date searches or any combination of these. Users may also search or refine a search by data center, location, instrument, platform, project, or temporal/spatial resolution.  
Nationaal Georegister, (National Georegistry, The Netherlands) - (Netherlands)
The National Georegistry is a catalogue of online geo-information in the Netherlands. Data providers register their data here. Users can discover here what is available.  
National Geospatial Program - (United states of america)
The National Geospatial Program provides leadership for USGS geospatial coordination, production and service activities. The Program engages partners to develop standards and produce consistent and accurate data through its Geospatial Liaison Network. Operational support is provided by the National Geospatial Technical Operations Center. These and other Program activities that are essential to the National Spatial Data Infrastructure (NSDI) are managed as a unified portfolio that benefits geospatial information users throughout the Nation.  
National Land Survey of Iceland\'s Geoportal - (Iceland)
The data provided is free of charge. The NLS provides data for use in various state agency projects such as the registration, organization, conservation, natural hazards, energy, research and public works. 
New Zealand Department of Conservation (DOC) Geoportal - (New zealand)
This is a prototype Geoportal allowing for discovery of geospatial resources managed by the Department of Conservation. Initially the application allows for the consumption of GIS services. This may be extended to allow downloading of data in the future.  
NOAA National Ocean Service (NOS) Data Explorer Geoportal - (Global)
The National Ocean Service (NOS) Data Explorer Geoportal application provides centralized access to distributed NOS geospatial data, tools, applications and services.

This Web mapping application allows users to search and access geospatial data via the NOS master catalog of FGDC metadata. Examples of key NOS geospatial data available via this site include:

* NOAA Nautical Charts, bathymetry, and shoreline data;
* Coastal Change and Analysis data (LiDAR and IfSAR data), remotely sensed imagery and aerial photography;
* Benthic habitat maps, National Marine Sanctuaries Boundaries and protected areas data;
* Environmental Sensitivity Index maps that provide critical information for oil spill responders and other emergency response needs;
* Geodetic control benchmarks, coastal and marine observational data including real time tides and currents data for marine navigation and much more. 
Nodo Quindío Geoportal, (Quindío Geoportal, Quindío. Columbia) - (Quindío, columbia)
The GEOPORTAL QUINDÍO is a communication strategy of the Government of Quindío and the Regional Autonomous Corporation of Quindío supported by the Research and Development Center for Geographic Information Systems - CIAF of Codazzi, in order to inform Department community all the advances in production, socialization, access, use, exchange, regulations and policies governing the spatial and alphanumeric information that occurs in different public and private entities of the Department; this technological tool is the means by excellent communication between the community and the various entities of the region where citizens have access to data, links to other sites of interest, latest news, training, new technology and can communicate their concerns to the respective entities.

The Directors of the participating companies are confident that the implementation of this GEOPORTAL serve the wider community as a support tool in the generation of projects and activities aimed at improving the quality of life of Quindio and development of the region. It is part of the Spatial Data Infrastructure of Columbia. 
Ocean Colour Portal, (European Commission Joint Research Centre) - (Global)
The Global Environment Monitoring Unit is maintaining an archive of ocean colour derived products for the European seas, over the geographical domain 40W-55E, 10N-80N, and the global ocean. The data sets include spectra of marine reflectance, concentration of chlorophylla, coefficient of diffuse attenuation, inherent optical properties (absorption and back-scattering coefficients), aerosol optical thickness and photosynthetically available radiation. Global primary production distributions are also computed from these data sets. The products are useful for monitoring water quality and marine ecosystem dynamics, and for the study of biogeochemical cycles. The marine reflectance is also considered an Essential Climate Variable. The time series of daily, 8-day and monthly maps are derived from the space sensors SeaWiFS and MODIS for the period Sep. 1997 to the present. The web site presents an illustration of this data base with maps of chlorophylla concentration for specific regions covering the European Atlantic sector from the Arctic to the Cape Verde Islands, the North Sea, Baltic Sea, Mediterranean Sea, Black Sea and Caspian Sea, as well as for the global ocean. 
Paikkatietoikkuna, (Finnish Geoportal) - (Finland)
Paikkatietoikkuna is a national portal that provides spatial data produced and exploited in the Finland.

The mapping interface offers users the opportunity to browse dozens of thematic maps produced by different Finnish organizations, including terrain, soil, land use and transportation data.

Paikkatietoikkuna is based on open source software. 
Paikkatietolainaamo (Spatial Data Lending Service, Finland) - (Finland)
Operational since 2003, the Spatial Data Lending Service (Paikkatietolainaamo) delivers spatial data sets in their native GI format, free of charge. The downloaded data sets may be used for one year for testing, research, education and product development.

The service idea has been acknowledged byt National Council of Geographic Information in the National Geographic Information Strategy (2004) and it forms part of the Finnish spatial data infrastructure.

Spatial Data Lending Service is currently operational only in Finnish language.  
Portal de Infraestructura de Datos Espaciales (IDEs) del Instituto Geográfico Militar, Ecuador, (Spatial Data Infrastructure (SDI) Portal for the Military Geographical Institute of Ecuador) - (Ecuador)
The Military Geographical Institute\'s SDI Portal delivers Ecuadorian spatial data using data and services catalogs. The portal uses WMS, WFS and WCS to display maps and deliver data, which is discovered through their portal\'s metadata catalog. 
PortalGIS: A Geo-Viewer for Mesoamerica and the Caribbean - (Central america, caribbean)
PortalGIS is a new GIS tool to support environment, disaster risk and climate change efforts in the region of Mesoamerica and the Caribbean. PortalGIS is a web-friendly geographic information tool, which, through an interactive portal, provides visual thematic data on the various regional efforts and needs, shares geospatial information and makes it available through the web to the entire community in the region. This useful tool allows users to view and share geospatial information without needing specialised software.

The portal allows users to view data on disaster hazards, infrastructure, climate change and socio-economical developments. It is backed by a robust internal infrastructure that ensures availability, reliability of processes as well as usability. Additionally, PortalGIS offers to the users a set of tools to facilitate the implementation of various analyzes and studies, from consulting population statistics and visualizing the amount and locations of hot points to the interactive delimitation of national and trans-boundary water basins. The system works in conjunction with SERVIR for Mesoamerica that CATHALAC has been implementing since 2005. As part of the development and continuous improvement of this new tool, the CATHALAC team will be updating and increasing periodically the number of layers and information available to the user, and the introduction of new features, tools and processes to PortalGIS. 
PROSTOR Portal of Slovenia - (Slovenia)
The Portal gives you easy access to national and municipal planning records, such as real estate cadastre, spatial plan, municipal cadastre, road infrastructure, cadastre, orthophotos, and other business entities. 
Republic of Cyprus (Department of Lands and Surveys) - (Cyprus)
The Department of Lands and Surveys\' website offers mapping and data services for users.

Additionaly, taking advantage of the latest web technologies available on the Internet, the Department offers various online services to specialized users and professionals in property related areas. 
Research Data Australia - (Australia)
Research Data Australia, the flagship service of the Australian National Data Service (ANDS), provides a comprehensive window into the Australian Research Data Commons.

Research Data Australia is an Internet-based discovery service designed to provide rich connections between data, projects, researchers and institutions, and promote visibility of Australian research data collections in search engines.

ANDS is partnering with research institutions and data producing agencies to bring about four transformations to data - unmanaged to managed, disconnected to connected, invisible to findable and single use to reusable - that will enable Australia\'s research data to become a national strategic resource to support better, more efficient and defensible research, and improved policy input.

ANDS is funded by the Australian Government through the National Collaborative Research Infrastructure Strategy (NCRIS) and the Education Investment Fund (EIF) Super Science Initiative.  
Russian National Spatial Data Infrastructure (NSDI) Geoportal - (Russian federation)
The Russian National Spatial Data Infrastructure Geoportal is the single point of access to geospatial information of the Russian Federation.

It provides the metadata and access to basic web services, information about

* Russian state and regional borders;
* Cadastral maps;
* Basic TOPO 1:100.000;
* Selected waters/forests/land zones;
* Navigation maps
* Satellite images. 
Sardegna Geoportale - (Sardinia)
Inspired by the principles of sharing and access to the data covered by the INSPIRE Directive 2007/2/EC the Sardegna Geoportale provides geographic data in support of environmental policies and the government of Sardegna (Sardinia).  
Scholars\' Lab Geospatial Data Portal - (Global)
The Scholars\' Lab Geospatial Data Portal allows users to be able to discover, explore and use collections of geospatial data from here at the University of Virginia Library and around the world. Data records contained in this portal are searchable by geographic extent, keyword and date. Users can quickly preview data with the Portal\'s interactive mapping tool and take data directly into a GIS-like ArcMap or Google Earth\'s virtual globe is quick and easy, as well. 
Scottish Spatial Data Infrastructure (SDI) Discovery Metadata Catalogue - (Scotland)
The Scottish Government pursues a policy of open source solutions in delivering a metadata discovery service for its Scottish Spatial Data Infrastructure (SSDI) that meets its requirements for ensuring INSPIRE compliancy. This is achieved with the Scottish SDI Discovery Metadata Catalogue.

The Scottish SDI Discovery Metadata Catalogue allows Scottish SDI contributors to upload, edit and validate their services and datasets.  
Servicios de Información Geográfica (SIAM) Geoportal, Columbia, (Geo Portal SIAM, Columbia) - (Columbia)
The Marine Environmental Information System of Colombia SIAM Portal is a tool that allows access to the information available for decision making in environmental management of coastal marine areas in Colombia.

The portal provides the Geo Viewer tool for free visualization of environmental geographic information; the Geo-Metadata Catalog for searching metadata and mapping information and remotely sensed imagery in the SIAM portal.

The SIAM Portal also supports WMS services and IMS, and includes a data download facility for graphical output for free download (pdf\'s) and data tables.

The Marine Environmental Information System of Colombia SIAM Portal is aimed at the entire scientific community, academic, policy makers and the general public interested in consulting environmental geographic information available across the country to seas and costas.erencia and implementation of technologies of information. 
Sistema Nacional de Informação Geográfica (SNIG) Geoportal, (National Geographic Information System (SNIG) Geoportal, Portugal) - (Portugal)
The National Geographic Information System (SNIG) is the national infrastructure of spatial data and, through its geo-portal, allows users to search, view and explore geographic information on the national territory, produced by official bodies and also privately. It is also an area of contact to streamline, coordinate and organize activities related to this subject in Portugal and in the context of the European Directive INSPIRE (Infrastructure for Spatial Information in Europe). 
Slovenski INSPIRE Geoportal - (Slovenia)
The INSPIRE-compliant geoportal for Slovenia. 
Slovenski INSPIRE Geoportal, (Slovenian INSPIRE Geoportal) - (Slovenia)
The Slovenian INSPIRE Geoportal delivers INSPIRE-compliant metadata.

The INSPIRE Directive was transposed into Slovenian legislation Law Infrastructure for Spatial Information (IPI), which lays down rules for the establishment and provision of infrastructure for spatial information in the Republic of Slovenia.

South Africa Spatial Data Infrastructure (Pretoria) - (South africa)
The National Spatial Information Framework (NSIF) is a national initiative to co-ordinate the development of infrastructure needed to support the utilization of spatial information in decision making. This building of a "Spatial Data Infrastructure" (abbreviated as SDI) as it is termed in similar endeavors all over the world, includes policies, institutional arrangements, developing human resources and standards for geographic information.

Furthermore, NGI has an archive of aerial photography dating back to the 1930\'s and photographic coverage of the entire country is updated continuously with our Digital Mapping Camera.

NGI not only distributes all this information but also conducts practical training programs in spatial information.

Together these products and services are contributing to the achievement of the country\'s full potential and to the fulfillment of rural development and land reform in South Africa. 
Swisstopo Geodatenviewer, Switzerland, (Swisstopo Geodata Portal) - (Switzerland)
This geoportal is the access point for all digital geodata of swisstopo. The user may visualise, print and order geodata in different scales. These are for instance the Pixelmaps, digital photos, boundaries, place names, height and landscape models etc. Through the graphical interface of the dataviewer one can easily select the geodata in question. 
Tehran Spatial Data Infrastructure (SDI) - (Tehran, iran)
This Portal has been designed and developed to facilitate spatial data management and data sharing amongst Tehran stakeholders and decision makers. The Portal also introduces spatial data and GIS strategies for the Tehran Municipality. 
The National Geoscience Database of Iran - (Iran)
Considering the key role of the earth science in economic development, it is absolutely essential to collect and present the geoscience data of Iran. National Geoscience Database of Iran opens its way through the collection, systematization and organization of geoscience data in an easy and instant way to supply needs of managers, administrators, domestic and foreign investors and industrial, economical and political sectors. Focus is on mining, mineral, marine and geological data.  
The National Map, (US Geological Survey) - (United states of america)
The National Map Viewer allows users to preview and download US data.

The National Map is easily accessible for display on the Web, as products and services, and as downloadable data. The geographic information available from The National Map includes orthoimagery (aerial photographs), elevation, geographic names, hydrography, boundaries, transportation, structures, and land cover. Other types of geographic information can be added within the viewer or brought in with The National Map data into a Geographic Information System to create specific types of maps or map views.

The National Map is a significant contribution to the National Spatial Data Infrastructure (NSDI) and currently is being transformed to better serve the geospatial community by providing high quality, integrated geospatial data and improved products and services including new generation digital topographic maps. 
United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) GRID Africa GeoPortal - (Africa )
DEWA/GRID-Nairobi is one of UNEP\'s major centers for data and information management, with a unique, "value-adding" mandate in the handling of national, sub-regional and regional environmental statistics and data, which in turn supports the environment assessment and early warning activities of UNEP and its partners.

Located at UNEP’s Headquarters based in Nairobi, Kenya, GRID-Nairobi occupies an important niche in the global GRID Network. The center also functions as a support provider to the DEWA-Africa Programme in the area of capacity building for African countries using environmental information for decision-making and action. 
United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), Environmental Data Explorer - (Global)
The Environmental Data Explorer is the authoritative source for data sets used by UNEP and its partners in the Global Environment Outlook (GEO) report and other integrated environment assessments. Its online database holds more than 500 different variables, as national, subregional, regional and global statistics or as geospatial data sets (maps), covering themes like Freshwater, Population, Forests, Emissions, Climate, Disasters, Health and GDP. Display them on-the-fly as maps, graphs, data tables or download the data in different formats. 
UNSDI-NCO GeoNetwork Portal - (Global)
The Netherlands Coordination Office (NCO) for the United Nations Spatial Data Infrastructure (UNSDI) is the national link between UN organizations and Netherlands UNSDI partners.

The NCO discloses unique knowledge, services and high-quality geographic information products from Netherlands UNSDI partners to the international UNSDI community and partner countries, in order to contribute to Food Security, Agricultural Development, Water Management, Economic Development, Peace and Safety, Tropical Forest Monitoring, Humanitarian Response, Environmental Protection, the realization of the Millennium Development Goals, and to combat the impact of climate change.

The NCO manages the national UNSDI-GeoNetwork portal, making geographic data (e.g. GIS data, GIS maps) available from all linked UN organizations and national UNSDI geographic information suppliers, including the Netherlands NSDI. 
VZD datu public?šanas port?ls, (Data Distribution Portal of State Land Service of the Republic of Latvia) - (Latvia)
State Land Service of the Republic of Latvia data distribution portal is developed to ensure that anyone can have on-line access to textual and spatial data for all territory of Latvia as found in National Real Estate Cadastre information system and in National Address Register.